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Egypt's liberals, Christians – even Ultras – jump on Abul-Fotouh presidential ...
Ahram Online
Abul-Fotouh's political adviser is Rabab El-Mahdy, a Marxist political science professor; his media adviser is liberal journalist Ali Bahnaswy; his economic adviser is economics professor Samer Atallah, a liberal and a Christian; and his campaign ...
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Ahram Online
Egypt's choice -- Islamist or liberal -- will ripple in US
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Abolfotoh is a moderate Islamist who broke with the Brotherhood and has emerged as a crossover candidate, with appeal among liberals and ultraconservative Islamists known as Salafis. AP Photo Tribune-Review Middle East correspondent Betsy Hiel can be ...
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Judge invalidates Conservative win in one Canadian seat
* Finds voting irregularities in seat won by 26 votes * Conservative majority in Parliament not jeopardized * Liberals link irregularities to other allegations * Conservative candidate notes judge said he followed rules OTTAWA, May 18 (Reuters) - A ...
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House Speaker: Liberal groups seek to divide GOP over ethics
Atlanta Journal Constitution (blog)
The House speaker came close to accusing those associated with the movements of consorting with liberals. His message came at the end of a 10-minute speech that closed out the afternoon session. And if the body nearly 4000 delegates and alternates ...
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Tories may appeal judge's decision to order new byelection in Etobicoke Centre
The case was brought by Borys Wrzesnewskyj, the former Liberal MP for the riding, whose lawyers successfully argued that the legally questionable ballots cast in the vote outnumbered the 26-vote margin of victory that carried the riding for ...
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DeMaio to Liberals: Fletcher's Not One of You
Voice of San Diego
DeMaio has sent at least four separate mailers attacking Fletcher from the left, an effort to blunt the newly independent assemblyman's standing with liberals. The strategy seems clear. DeMaio, the race's presumed frontrunner, would rather face ...
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Etobicoke-Centre election result ruled 'null and void'
Former Liberal MP Borys Wrzesnevskyj speaks to media on the day of his court hearing in Toronto on Monday, April 23, 2012. (Aaron Vincent Elkaim / THE CANADIAN PRESS) Conservative candidate Ted Opitz was declared the winner of the Etobicoke Centre ...
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'The Tyranny of Clichés,' by Jonah Goldberg
New York Times
Jonah Goldberg's first book was called "Liberal Fascism." It was a screed, of course, but a clever one. He argued that liberals who routinely denounce extreme conservatives as fascists should take a look in their own backyard, and he wasn't fooling ...
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Book Review Podcast: Starkly Different Views of American Liberals
New York Times (blog)
By JOHN WILLIAMS In the New York Times Book Review, Joe Klein and Jeff Shesol review two very different books about American liberalism. Mr. Klein reviews Jonah Goldberg's "The Tyranny of Clichés: How Liberals Cheat in the War of Ideas," an argument ...
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New York Times (blog)
Small-town don makes awkward ally for Serb liberals
It's no coincidence that two days after parliamentary and first-round presidential elections this month, Jagodina was the first stop for liberal, pro-Western President Boris Tadic as he bids for another five-year term. He won Palma's endorsement for ...
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The PJ Tatler » How Politically Correct Liberals Left a Muslim Gang ...
By Mike McNally
Nine men were jailed in Britain last week for raping and abusing dozens of girls aged as young as 13 over a period of several years in the northern town of Rochdale. The men plied the girls with drink and drugs before assaulting them, in a ...
The PJ Tatler
Schlafly: 'Liberals Seek To Destroy' American Ozzie And Harriet ...
By David Badash
Phyllis Schlafly is the mother of the anti-feminism movement, and her Eagle Forum is very upset by the news that minority births in the U.S. are now the majority.
The New Civil Rights Movement
Liberals, I say! Liberals, all of them! : Historiann : History and sexual ...
By Historiann
They're all liberals! Why do college English professors insist on assigning only nineteenth (and the occasional twentieth-century) liberals? Why aren't James Henry Hammond, John C. Calhoun, Roger B. Taney, and George Fitzhugh on these ...
New Rules For Liberals - The Dish | By Andrew Sullivan - The Daily ...
By Andrew Sullivan
New Rules For Liberals. No major pooping in the restaurant bathroom. Are there no simple pleasures left? Previous Could Mormonism Help Romney? | Main | Not Just Hollande Previous ...
The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan
Searching for Liberty: Who's Afraid of the Liberals?
By (Robert G. Harvie)
Who's Afraid of the Liberals? Effective Political Statement? Suddenly, I feel compelled to vote Liberal. Not. So. You're hiking along a mountain trail. Sun shining, blue sky.. and suddenly, you round a turn, and a hundred yards ahead of you, you ...
Searching for Liberty

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