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Top Liberal's gay assault
Perth Now
OPPOSITION Leader Tony Abbott's political enforcer, Bill Heffernan, has been accused of a homophobic assault on a senior Liberal staffer during a party meeting. Ray Carter, 67, has filed a formal complaint to the Liberal Party demanding action be taken ...
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Liberals Say Public Broadcasting's $445 Million Subsidy Is 'Tiny' (blog)
Liberals are fighting back to keep the money flowing. The special-interest group Free Press, which advocates for greater government control over media and the Internet, claims the federal subsidy is necessary to save public-broadcasting jobs.
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Young Liberals here want federal chief sooner
Winnipeg Free Press
OTTAWA -- Young Manitoba Liberals want their party to pick a new federal leader sooner rather than later. About two dozen federal Liberal party members under 26 years old met May 11 and voted in favour of a resolution calling for the new leader to be ...
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Another View: Liberals hold no moral high ground in civility debate
Press Herald
By DAVE JOHNSON Dana Milbank's recent column ("Candidate needs to find strength to push back against voices of hatred," May 10) is a continuation of an unfathomable attempt by liberals to portray themselves as the voices of reason and anyone with more ...
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Baillieu Government MPs rocked by scandal
Herald Sun
After parliamentary and electorate office investigations ordered by Premier Ted Baillieu, concerns spread among senior Liberals. "If he has used that car for commercial purposes, and it was not registered for commercial use, then he could be breaking ...
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Liberals can — mostly — count on Jewish vote
Looked at collectively, American Jewry seems just about as Democratic and liberal as ever. A majority of the respondents, 52 percent, say they are Democrats, 19 percent declare themselves Republicans, and 26 percent are Independents — two-thirds of ...
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Liberals want another tax on job creators
Bakersfield Californian
Unfortunately, in Sacramento, liberals in the Legislature continue to move in the wrong direction. In fact, one bill should tell you all you need to know about their priorities. Assembly Speaker John Perez, D-Los Angeles, is the author of AB 1500, ...
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No, Speaker Ralston. Ethics reform is not a partisan issue
Atlanta Journal Constitution (blog)
If you believe House Speaker David Ralston, ethics reform is a liberal cause backed by liberal groups and the liberal media, and conservatives who join the campaign for ethics reform are being played for suckers in an attempt to divide the Republican ...
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Ray Waddle: Book dissects difference between liberals, conservatives
The Tennessean
Both liberals and conservatives care about it, but they can't agree on what it means. To conservatives, liberty means don't tread on me with high taxes or government regulations, and don't impose the United Nations on my country.
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More Reasons to Despise Liberals - Opinion - PatriotPost.US
By Burt Prelutsky
My wife hates it when I say I hate something or someone, but she usually gives me a pass when I substitute the word 'despise.' I suppose it doesn't sound so personal. Also, hatred is said to infect the hater. I don't really feel that way. I think ...
The Patriot Post
Elect fewer liberals? | PrairiePundit
By Merv
Liberals are primarily responsible for most of the gridlock, because they want to engage in reckless tax and spend policies and when Republicans are in control of the executive branch they want to thwart our ability to defeat our enemies.

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