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Liberals Call for Cuomo to Champion Higher Wage
New York Times
ALBANY — As legislation to raise New York State's minimum wage faces strong opposition in the Republican-controlled Senate, several liberal advocates and lawmakers are calling on Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo to work more assertively for its passage, ...
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New York Times
Complaint may be revenge, say Heffernan colleagues
Sydney Morning Herald
SENIOR Liberals claim the NSW senator Bill Heffernan, accused of assault and vilification by a staffer, could be the victim of payback for exposing alleged breaches of electoral donation laws. Liberal employee Ray Carter is under investigation by a NSW ...
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Sydney Morning Herald
VIEW: Liberals, conservatives or what? — Dr Syed Mansoor Hussain
Pakistan Daily Times
Being a Shia by birth and a 'liberal' sort by inclination, my friends and family in the US felt that I would be 'at risk' in a society that was considerably more polarised than it was when I left in 1971. Since my arrival, every couple of years I have ...
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Liberals' two rules on gay hate slur
The Daily Telegraph
OPPOSITION Leader Tony Abbott has been accused of double standards after the Liberal Party backed NSW Senator Bill Heffernan amid a police inquiry into claims he launched a homophobic attack against a staffer. NSW Liberal president Arthur Sinodinos ...
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Liberals in power play
Tasmania Mercury
"In our view Labor's plan does not go far enough," Liberal energy spokesman Matthew Groom said. "We believe that charging Tasmanians a carbon tax on what is essentially carbon-free energy is unfair. "That's why we have consistently said that Labor ...
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Federal Liberal leader Bob Rae stops in Nanaimo
Nanaimo Daily News
Bob Rae, MP for Toronto Centre and interim leader of the federal Liberal Party, stopped in Nanaimo on Saturday as part of a BC tour. He spoke with members of the Nanaimo-Alberni Liberal Riding Association, local politicians and Cowichan Tribes Chief ...
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Nanaimo Daily News
Obama on the High Wire
New York Times (blog)
For much of his first three years in office, President Obama has struggled to maintain the loyalty of the liberal wing of his party. Suddenly, in 2012, he has put on a full court press. The president's policy shift in favor of same-sex marriage, ...
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Why the liberal outcry over voter ID?
Burlington Times News
I looked around for the news camera to get shoved in my face Why do the knee-jerk liberals get so upset when the topic of voter ID comes up? Eric Holder might not care but when I go to vote I would like them to ask for my photo ID to prove I am who I ...
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Post-Racial Farce
New York Magazine
In keeping with our present reality, Clybourne Park departs from that pattern by going after white liberals and black characters, too. Indeed, Norris has been taken for a conservative by some because he sometimes portrays well-intentioned whites as ...
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New York Magazine
It's not Just Republicans to Blame for Washington Gridlock
Utah Policy
Willam Galston writes at that the number of Republicans and Democrats who call themselves moderates has declined, but the shift is more pronounced becasue there are now more Americans who self-identify as conservative than liberal.
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Liberals expose their ignorance of capitalism | PrairiePundit
By Merv
Liberals expose their ignorance of capitalism. Opinion Journal: ...The liberal critique of private equity assumes that the financial industry is full of saps who have been eager to lose money across the table from Bain for 28 years. This is the ...
Go on, journalists – ask the Liberals if they support WA seceding ...
By Jeremy Sear
A Liberal Party premier of WA is quoted on one of our news sites talking of seceding from Australia. The mining boom, he says, is "concealing the true weakness of the national economy". (A more accurate way of putting that is that the mining ...
Pure Poison
Dennis Prager Jonah Goldberg Talk About How Liberals Cheat
By Roaring Republican
Two podcasts featuring Dennis Prager and Jonah Goldberg talking about About How Liberals Cheat with cliches and the power of American Values.
Roaring Republican
A plain blog about politics: Sunday Question for Liberals
By Jonathan Bernstein
Sunday Question for Liberals. Same question as the one for conservatives: what liberal bloggers, reporters, or columnists should more people be reading? Bookmark and Share. Posted by Jonathan Bernstein at 3:46 PM. Labels: liberals ...
A plain blog about politics

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