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Supply-Side Liberals
The Atlantic
But what struck me is the blog's title: Supply-Side Liberal. I love that. Among the enduring dilemmas of economic policy the most important is the conflict between efficiency and equity. In calling myself a supply-sider I am saying that I believe the ...
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Canada CP Rail back-to-work bill to pass Thursday
* Trains would then start rolling by mid-Friday * Workers in Canada have been on strike since May 23 * Liberals criticize speed of government intervention By Randall Palmer OTTAWA, May 31 (Reuters) - Canada's opposition Liberals will let the ...
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George Will: Liberals can't win the game so they want to change the rules
What do liberals consider the constitutional basis for saying otherwise? Three Montana corporations sued to bring the state into conformity with Citizens United by overturning a 100-year-old state law, passed when copper and other corporations ...
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Romanian Social-Liberals Keep Lead in Opinion Polls, IMAS Shows
Romania's Social Democrats and the Liberals, who back Prime Minister Victor Ponta, kept their lead in opinion polls before local and general elections this year, a new survey found. The two parties, who now form the Social-Liberal Union and will run ...
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Liberals vs. conservatives: How politics affects charitable giving
The researchers asked why liberals or conservatives would donate more or less to a specific charity. According to Mittal, the J. Hugh Liedtke Professor of Marketing at Rice's Jones Graduate School of Business, donations to a specific charity by ...
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The liberal argument against Barack Obama
North Country Public Radio (blog)
But perhaps the most dramatic evolution, and likely the most dangerous, for Mr. Obama's re-election chances, is the stiffening narrative among liberals that this is a man who lacks the moral vision to lead. A lot has been made of the headwind that the ...
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OUR VIEW: Liberals have ruined California (poll)
Colorado Springs Gazette
California's liberal politicians and bureaucrats have no clue what economic devastation their tax-and-spend, anti-business policies have wrought for California. Let's not make the same mistakes in Colorado, where we were smart enough to elect a real ...
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What "Liberal Bias" Is Really About
Media Matters for America (blog)
Alleging liberal media bias? Pardon me while I find some pearls to clutch. Republicans cry "bias" so often it feels like a campaign theme. It is, largely because it fires up conservatives and diminishes the punch of legitimate investigative or ...
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Why liberals really fear the "gendercide" debate
Human Events
by David Harsanyi If abortion is an acceptable form of birth control, a matter of "reproductive health" rather than life and death, why are pro-choicers so touchy about the subject of sex-selecting abortions? If life doesn't begin until a baby can feel ...
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Sex-Selection Abortions Put Liberals in a Bind - The American ...
By David N. Bass
The vast majority of Americans recognize sex-selection abortion for the loathsome practice that it is. A recent poll found that 77 percent of Americans oppose abortions sought strictly because the parent(s) don't like the gender of the unborn ...
The Spectacle Blog
World Citizen: Egypt's Election Leaves Islamists, Liberals Shaken
By (Frida Ghitis)
Voters in Egypt gave themselves a jolt during the first round of voting in the country's presidential election. As soon as the smoke began to clear and a picture of the electoral tally emerged, a sense of bafflement was quickly followed by ...
World Politics Review: Articles
Repelled by Liberals, Repelled by Conservatives | The Moderate ...
By DEAN ESMAY, Guest Voice Columnist
Last election cycle I voted mostly-Democrat--joylessly. I expect I will do the same this November, holding my nose and gagging as I vote Democrat again. While I.
The Moderate Voice
Hey, Liberals And Conservatives, Do You Agree With This ...
By Henry Blodget
Conservatives take responsibility for themselves... and liberals just want a handout?
Business Insider: Henry Blodget
The Jawa Report: Liberals Hate New, Accurate Obama Commercial
By DMartyr
Today's version of the morning show featured an anti-Obama video that resembled propaganda films from 1930's Europe more than it did responsible TV politics of today. And the remarkable thing was the witless crew on the couch that serves ...
The Jawa Report

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Whoever Promised Liberals a Rose Garden?
mjnellett: Whoever Promised Liberals a Rose Garden?. Learn more about General Motors.

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