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MANTO CENTENARY: 'Society's biggest critic would have to be progressive'
He was initially with the Progressive Writers' Movement, then the two parted ways. He was with them till the end. It was a mistake the progressives made in 1949 which they rectified in 1952. Manto was progressive. Society's biggest critic would have to ...
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Berger one of the greatest Americans
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
By Peter Dreier Victor Berger helped make Milwaukee one of the most progressive and well-run cities in the country. I recently spent several days in Milwaukee to give a talk at the University of Wisconsin about urban history and politics.
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Let's Intervene in Elections
In These Times
BY Joel Bleifuss As the weather warms up and the Occupiers adapt their strategies, they shouldn't lose sight of important struggles being fought in the electoral arena by progressives like Norman Solomon. Adbusters' Kalle Lasn, who initiated the call ...
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Louise, you don't know the half of online cruelty
The Guardian
Progressives turned on progressives for calling other progressives names. While Ms Mensch monitored the confusion of issues on Twitter, where she had posted an array of the sexist abuse that followed an appearance on Newsnight, participants in this ...
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Who Are These People? They're Democrats
Likening the use of the term to a "slur" and a "hate crime," progressives are "ask[ing] media and government to drop the I-word now," claiming that "calling a person 'illegal' takes away their humanity," that it "dehumanizes" them, and that "it's ...
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Church closes racial divide
Statesman Journal
Moriah's journey has put him in touch with another dimension of black church isolation -- the separation from white progressives. The secularism that tends to prevail in those ranks is part of the growing tension between African Americans, on one hand, ...
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Serbia Elections Surrounded By Uncertainty
Journal of Turkish Weekly
The only thing everyone is sure of is that the biggest battle will be waged between the coalition gathered around the Serbian Progressive Party and the coalition headed by the Democratic Party (DS). Estimates say that the Progressives and Democrats ...
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After 126 Years, Have We Forgotten?
Thanks to Fighting Bob LaFollette and other Progressives, we have the recall. As the erudite Professor Edward Fallone explains: The broad nature of the recall power reflects its role as the intended remedy for a broken democracy.
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Because That's How Progressives Die - I Own The World
By BigFurHat
Home » Home » Because That's How Progressives Die. » News. Because That's How Progressives Die · Home - by BigFurHat - May 5, 2012 - 10:02 America/New_York - Be first to Comment! misfit politics. ht/ c steven tucker. » Leave a Reply ...

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