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Serb Progressive Party Wins Vote, Electoral Commission Says
By Gordana Filipovic and Misha Savic on May 07, 2012 Serbia's opposition Progressive Party won a narrow victory in elections yesterday as leaders battled over whether the Balkan country's future lies with the European Union or further east.
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2012 and Beyond: Progressive Election Strategy and the Norman Solomon Campaign
Huffington Post
Unlike many liberal/progressive activists, these conservative activists don't instinctively make apologies for politicians who sell them out or fail to deliver. Instead of apologizing for the GOP elite, rightwing activists keep electing a new crop ...
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Progressives pace Serbian elections
BELGRADE, Serbia, May 7 (UPI) -- The Serbian Progressive Party-led coalition captured the most seats -- 73 -- in weekend parliamentary elections, officials said Monday. The Center for Free Elections and Democracy said second place in the voting went to ...
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Progressive party at a critical juncture
The Hankyoreh
How is the Unified Progressive Party any different from the New Frontier Party? I voted for it because I thought progressives needed more of a voice, but it seems the party is progressive in name only. Seeing it failing to reflect on mistakes and ...
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CeSID: Progressives win 73, Democrats 68 seats
BELGRADE -- The Serbian Progressive Party (SNS)-led coalition will have the most seats in the new legislature of the Serbian parliament – 73. The Democratic Party (DS)-led coalition has won 68 seats, the Center for Free Elections and Democracy (CeSID) ...
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What progressive theists think about atheism
Democratic Underground
Since it has come up a number of times, consider here what most progressive theists tend to believe about atheism. This response does not quite fit in the current string, so I'll take a different go at it. Right at the beginning let's be clear; many, ...
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Why PDP Lost The South West To The Progressives
Osun Defender
They have chosen to be progressives since the beginning of politics in Nigeria, remained progressives under the leadership of Late Obafemi Awolowo and have always remain progressives ever since. This position is based on the accrued benefits they are ...
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Osun Defender
Out of the Margins, Into the Fray: VT Progressive Party wields outsized ...
Democratic Underground
Thanks to several decades of persistent organizing, the Vermont Progressive Party (VPP) now boasts seven members in the legislature – two senators (out of 30) and five representatives (out of 150) in the House (some of whom affiliate with the ...
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Socialists key for future Serbian government
Seattle Post Intelligencer
JOVANA GEC, AP The nationalist Serbian Progressive Party leader, and presidential candidate, Tomislav Nikolic, talks to members of the media at a press conference in Belgrade, Serbia, Sunday, May 6, 2012. A pro European Union candidate and a ...
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A Field Guide to the Baseless Claims and Outrageous Canards of the Liberal ...
Acton Institute (blog)
For the purposes of this review, let's focus on this last – the progressives' tried-and-true attack on capitalism, free-markets, Adam Smith's "invisible hand," and Austrian economics as somewhat staunchly appositive to what they perceive in any given ...
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Blue Jersey:: For Progressives: Two Key Primaries
By Bill Orr
For progressive Democrats there are two primaries where our actions now might particularly affect the key outcome. The Cook Redistricting Forecast for House elections in NJ is a split, with six seats for Democrats and six for Republicans.
Blue Jersey - Front Page

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Daily Kos: The War on Public Education and What Progressives Can ...
Three nationally-known experts explore aspects of that attack and offer specific suggestions of how Progressive supporters of Public Education can fight back.

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