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Vermont Progressives building a slate of candidates (blog)
The Vermont Progressive Party also hopes to make a campaign of the treasurer's race. Don Schramm of Burlington is a candidate. Now retired, the 72-year-old Schramm hopes to have a more active campaign than he has in the past. Schramm ran for treasurer ...
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Obama makes bold, progressive stand
St. Louis American
Obama could have kept silent on gay marriage, and frustrated progressives still would have voted for him. Instead, he spoke out when he didn't have to and took a stance that might hurt him in key states – in the process reminding us of how he can ...
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Progressives need some new epithets
But regardless of the motives behind it, it's pretty clear that progressives are running out of epithets. The traditional, well-established pejoratives have always worked pretty well for them. Ever since the 2008 election, the term "racist" has gotten ...
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Umbrella union demands reform of progressive party
The Korea Herald
The Korea Confederation of Trade Unions called for stern action against the "mainstream" members of the Unified Progressive Party involved in alleged election fraud and violence against party leaders. The umbrella trade union group is the largest ...
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Letter: Letter trashing the 'religious right' shows extent of progressive ...
He has given absolute proof of how deeply entrenched the progressive movement is in our government. While he trashes what he thinks is the Republican Party for being hijacked by a "religious right," he shows precisely why America is fed up with both ...
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Serbian Campaign Sets Tone for Post-Poll Friction
Wall Street Journal
In May 6 Parliamentary elections, Mr. Nikolic's Progressives won the most seats in the legislature, with 73. But the Democrats, who captured 67, are set to remain in power, after agreeing to form a governing coalition with their allies, the Socialists, ...
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What's Mine is Mine What' s Yours is Negotiable
The International News Magazine
Combine these with previous tax rollbacks scheduled to expire in January 2013 and we are looking at the major economic crisis the progressives have worked so hard to create so they can then work so hard to solve. In 2010 the voters got a chance to let ...
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Blogs ponder possible Scott Walker win
Scott Walker's recall election is heating up, with progressives in the blogosphere scowling at the governor's early release of employment numbers to aid his chances, while conservatives are considering the possibility that Walker may even win the race ...
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Occupylogy 201: US 2012 Presidential Election, Emerging Struggles between ...
The Occupy Movement which was started in New York by progressives and drew social and tactical inspiration from the developments in Africa (Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya), the Middle East (Yemen, Bahrain, and Syria), Greece, and London is now set to ...
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Thursday Scan: McGinn pooh-poohs DOJ "shadow mayor" proposal
Meanwhile, progressive funders are kicking Jay Inslee's campaign into high gear, charter school supporters are (apparently) Republican by default, and Nick Hanauer sparks TED Talks controversy. Mayor Mike McGinn, seen in mid-2011 with police discussing ...
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