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Progressive's Net Income Falls
Progressive Corp.'s (PGR - Analyst Report) earnings per share for April 2012 were 10 cents, down 45% from 18 cents in the comparable month, last year. Net income dropped 48% from April 2011 to $61.2 million in the reported month.
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Progressives' challenge of Democratic senator may have gone awry
Las Vegas Sun
By David McGrath Schwartz (contact) An effort by progressives to challenge a conservative Democrat standing for re-election in the state Senate may have backfired. Instead of reminding centrist Democrats that left-of-center groups — environmentalists, ...
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Las Vegas Sun
Progressives Do NOT Hate Wealth -- a #PPSA
Huffington Post
In the first in a series of POLITICAL Public Service Announcements (#PPSA), I take on the conservative myth that liberals hate wealth and success. Nothing could be further from the truth... We progressives don't hate money.
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Overhaul of progressives
Korea Times
The Korea Confederation of Trade Unions decided to withdraw its support for the minor opposition Unified Progressive Party (UPP) after a marathon meeting Thursday that lasted late into the night. Yet the KCTU, one of the country's two leading labor ...
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Union leader slams Plaid "alliance of progressives" stance against UK ...
Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood's dream of building an "alliance of progressives" against UK Government cuts looks over before it even got started today as the leader of one of Wales' biggest unions launched a vitriolic attack on her.
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The Misguided Anti-Filibuster Crusade of Progressives
Reason Online (blog)
When it comes to ending the filibuster, Ezra Klein over at the Washington Post has discovered his inner constitutionalist. Klein and his fellow liberals have been kvetching about the filibuster ever since it forced Democrats to engage in inelegant ...
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Because It's Oil, Canadian Progressives Say Strong Economy Is A Disease
Science 2.0 (blog)
In a fit of Keynesian pique sure to make wackier economists like Paul Krugman proud, Tom Mulcair of the New Democratic Party of Canada has claimed that the robust economy in Canada, during a worldwide recession, is a disease. Mulcair claims because the ...
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