Thursday, May 24, 2012

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What Fires Young Progressives' Activism? A New Study Asks Them
Huffington Post (blog)
Today,'s publisher, the Applied Research Center, released "Millennials, Activism and Race," a report on the motivations of young people who are active in progressive politics. Following up on last year's research, "Don't Call Them ...
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Illinois progressives kill plastic-bag recycling bill supported by conservatives
Progressives and environmentalists in the House opposed it, and ultimately stopped it by one vote. If that sounds upside-down, it's because there was another element: The specter of local governments banning plastic bags completely.
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Believing Christians are the True Progressives of this Age
Catholic Online
The positions being espoused and lifestyles being affirmed as "progressive" by those currently using the term as a political label are anything but. They turn the clock back on true human progress. Who are the True progressives of our age?
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Conservative and progressive values: Personal responsibility
Your Houston News
By Bryan Henry, Guest Columnist Personal responsibility is not simply a conservative value; it is also a progressive value. The disagreement between Conservatives and Progressives is over whether or not today's society provides equal opportunity for ...
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Will Progressives Snatch Defeat from Jaws of Victory on Business Tax?
Beyond Chron
24‚ 2012 For over a decade, progressives have complained that San Francisco charges business a payroll tax that literally taxes jobs – when a gross receipts tax that taxes company profits is far more equitable. But now that Mayor Ed Lee is assembling a ...
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Beyond Chron
Progressives Without Progress
The Right Sphere
Progressives and other leftists frequently engage in this attack. For example, Majority Leader Harry Reid bashed Republicans for being "backwards-leaning" on energy and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz noted that Republicans want to turn back the clock for ...
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Tired of the misuse of the word fair?
Naples Daily News (blog)
Why is it Progressives feel it is a right to disregard religious beliefs. what right does an employee to force an employer to provide a service it does not want provide? Why is it not the right of an employer to provide salary and benefits to those who ...
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"SNS-DS government would not be ideal"
BELGRADE -- A government of the Serb Progressives (SNS) and Democrats (DS) would not be an ideal solution for Serbia, says new SNS leader Aleksandar Vučić. He added that the future government could be formed without the progressives, but it would not ...
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When leaders actually lead
I'm also on record wishing he'd taken a stronger public stance behind several big progressive priorities — a larger stimulus, tougher Wall Street reform, a public option for health insurance, a big jobs bill – whether or not he had the congressional ...
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Projo Uses 'Scare Quotes' To Smear Progressives
Okay … so what's ironic about progressive Democrats? Is the Projo insinuating that those who have used the budget process in recent years to make their case ...
Progressives are feminists or they're not Progressives. | The Raw Story
Here's a radical notion: If you're a man and you call yourself a Progressive, you can't sling sexist insults at women. Any women. Not just Progressive women.'re-n...

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