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Richard Mourdock: The Tea Party's latest gift to Democrats?
CBS News
Richard Lugar puts the seat in play -- much in the way Democrats prevailed over Tea Party candidates in 2010, such as Sharron Angle and Christine O'Donnell. The GOP counters that Mourdock isn't some untested fringe candidate, but a solid conservative ...
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CBS News
The Tea Party's next big target: Texas
CBS News
In the wake of Richard Mourdock's Tea Party-propelled victory over Richard Lugar in the Indiana Senate primary on Tuesday, the Tea Party is now shifting its focus to the next big battle on its agenda: The Texas primary on May 29.
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CBS News
Don't underestimate the Tea Party's staying power
Fox News
To steal a line from Mark Twain, it seems as though rumors of the death of the Tea Party have been greatly exaggerated. Tea Party-backed challenger Richard Mourdock defeated incumbent Senator Richard Lugar in the Indiana Republican Primary this week.
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Why Richard Lugar defeat scares tea party Republicans, too
Christian Science Monitor
House freshmen elected with tea party support see a warning in Sen. Richard Lugar's heavy defeat. If they don't start making progress on the tea party agenda, voters will throw them out. By David Grant / May 9, 2012 Indiana Treasurer Richard Mourdock ...
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Christian Science Monitor
Patty Murray pounces on Tea Party extremists
Seattle Post Intelligencer (blog)
Patty Murray, D-Wash., has found themes and bogeymen, first the Republicans' alleged "War on Women," and, as of Wednesday, a familiar demon — the Tea Party. Murray was out with a fundraising pitch hours after Indiana's Republican "senator-for-life" ...
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Seattle Post Intelligencer (blog)
Sen. Richard Lugar's departure ends age of quiet diplomacy
Los Angeles Times
He lost Indiana's GOP primary for his longtime seat to tea-party-backed conservative Richard Mourdock. (Darron Cummings, Associated Press / May 8, 2012) By Lisa Mascaro and Paul Richter, Washington Bureau WASHINGTON — Days before Christmas 2010, ...
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Los Angeles Times
Sen. Dick Lugar ousted by Tea Party candidate
Dick Lugar's 36-year-congressional career came to an early close on Tuesday night after Tea Party candidate Richard Mourdock beat Lugar in their state's primary election. Patricia Murphy of Citizen Jane Politics, former Pennsylvania Gov.
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Lugar loss unwelcome for those who seek civility
The Seattle Times
Anyone looking for common ground in a deeply divided Congress is likely to be more intimidated now, after a tea-party-backed Republican unseated a longtime Indiana senator known for his geniality and work with Democrats. By David Lightman Republicans ...
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After Lugar, Conservative Activists Pick New Targets
Wall Street Journal
Associated Press Nebraska state Attorney General Jon Bruning, second from left, and his challengers including tea-party backed state Treasurer Don Stenberg, third from left, take a question during a debate last month. The first test comes next Tuesday, ...
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Wall Street Journal
`Tea party' lawmakers face quandary in House vote on export bank
Kansas City Star
By JAMES ROSEN WASHINGTON -- A vote Wednesday in the House of Representatives to pour billions into a little-known federal bank illustrates the divide among "tea party"-backed lawmakers torn between upholding anti-government principles and helping ...
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Dear Tea Party, We Are Losing | RedState
By Brian Darling (Diary)
Please send more members to Congress. The House just passed legislation that is offensive to free market capitalism reauthorizing the Export-Import Bank.
Did The Tea Party Sink Lugar? - The Dish | By Andrew Sullivan ...
By Andrew Sullivan
If Mourdock loses the general election, Republican moderates and their lobbyist friends on K Street will paint the Tea Party as extremists who can't win elections. They will will try and define the Tea Party movement as the party of Christine ...
The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan
Lugar's tea party opponent: 'Compromise' means Democrats join ...
By David Edwards
The tea party Republican candidate who defeated Indiana Sen. Richard Lugar (R) after six terms in Tuesday's GOP primary says that his definition of "compromise" means that Democrats will have to come around the the right's way of thinking.
The Raw Story
Mark Levin: The Tea Party is strong and the Reagan Democrats are ...
By The Right Scoop
Mark Levin says that after last night's elections in Wisconsin and West Virginia, it's clear that the Reagan Democrats are back. Which is why, Levin says, that Obama chose today to come out and endorse gay marriage: email. Digg Digg ...
The Right Scoop
Joe. My. God.: Tea Party Rep Submits Amendment To Prevent DOJ ...
By Joe
Tea Party Rep Submits Amendment To Prevent DOJ From Opposing DOMA. Tea Party darling Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-KS) has submitted an amendment that would prohibit the Department of Justice from opposing the Defense of Marriage Act ...
Joe. My. God.

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Indiana Sen. Richard Lugar faces a tea party challenge - Los ...
FORT WAYNE, Ind. - The tea party upstart who is trying to dislodge one of the U.S. Senate's most respected Republicans is about to cry.Minutes into his stump ...

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