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Tea Party Picks Losing Fight Over US Export-Import Bank
The loan guarantee to Air India angered Delta Air Lines Inc. (DAL) (DAL) and other US carriers just as resentment of the bank as a government meddler in business exploded into opposition by anti-tax Tea Party-aligned Republicans.
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Tea party insurgents are rattling and energizing the GOP
Los Angeles Times
By David Horsey If it has accomplished nothing else, the tea party insurgency has made Republicans vastly more newsworthy than Democrats. While the party of the left plods along performing the boring old tasks of governing, the party of the right is ...
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Tea Party Terror Flakeout
Wall Street Journal
Now a misguided wing of the tea party is giving political cover to the left to revive this fight and confuse the American public with overblown fears that the government can arrest anyone for anything and hold him forever. It would be nice if Mr. Obama ...
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Mitch Daniels: Richard Mourdock no tea party win
Dick Lugar (R-Ind.) last week was a "tea party phenomenon." "Richard Mourdock started with two-thirds of the regular Republican county chairmen for him and added to that number as he went along," Daniels told Greta Van Susteren of Fox News.
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Light Bulb Battle Pits Tea Party Against Manufacturers
By Ari Natter on May 16, 2012 The Department of Energy would continue to be barred from enforcing new energy efficiency standards for incandescent light bulbs under a planned House amendment that pits bulb manufacturers against the tea party movement.
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Grassley: Tea party, Paul victories no threat to GOP
Sioux City Journal
In a conference call with reporters Wednesday, Grassley referenced recent victories by tea party-backed candidates in GOP Senate primaries in Indiana and Nebraska as well as the success of Texas US Rep. Ron Paul supporters in Iowa, who elected a ...
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Tea party vows even more obstruction
Former President Bill Clinton schools a compromise-bashing, tea party-backed Republican on the great compromises made by the founding fathers. MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell talks congressional Republicans and the filibuster with The New York Times' ...
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Tea Party Loses in Fight with Big Business
Inter Press Service
By Jim Lobe* WASHINGTON, May 16, 2012 (IPS) - For leaders of the right-wing populist "Tea Party" who have bragged about their growing influence – if not domination – of the Republican Party, the past week's battle over the future of the US ...
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Tea Party Organizer Raising Funds for Indian Orphans
To ensure that their mission continues, a local Santa Clarita teen has planned a tea party fundraiser to raise money for two Angel House orphanages. Fifteen-year-old Kelli Younger first visited India with her family last December, when they helped open ...
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Tea Party Patriots: Is Wisconsin Election the Future for America ...
By Administrator
Tea Party Patriots, the nation's largest tea party organization, today called the Wisconsin recall election a preview of a ... Tea Party Patriots in Wisconsin and across America are asking the people of Wisconsin to tell the political machine in ...
Tea Party Patriots » Blog Archive » TEA Party Victory?
By BigFurHat
The real TEA Party did score a victory. The real TEA Party is the grassroots efforts of people like you and I who are taxed enough already. We don't have an official coalition. Sarah Palin seems to be our de facto spokesperson in that we ...
The Club for Growth and the Tea Party | RedState
By davenj1 (Diary)
Erick Erickson's article regarding the study conducted by the Club for Growth and the Tea Party needs a little more explanation than can be handled in a.

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RealClearPolitics - Tea Party Rises Again
For those who think Sen. Richard Lugar's defeat was primarily attributable to running a weak campaign or for living outside of Indiana for decades, I've got one ...

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