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Bin Laden lives on — in US politics
Washington Post
But politics exerts strange powers — especially in an election year. So, despite our efforts, we have revived Osama bin Laden. Our commander in chief who warned us not to celebrate now uses his killing not merely as a national security accomplishment, ...
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US-India economic ties buffeted by populist politics
Washington Post
Much of the problem arguably stems from the nations' very democratic nature, in the form of populist pressures emanating from India's Parliament and the US Congress. "In almost every political speech, the fact that India is a democracy was celebrated, ...
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Political Scene: Chen Guangcheng, China, and the US
New Yorker (blog)
They went into this Chen Guangcheng case trying to bring stability and order back to élite Chinese politics and instead they've now found themselves in this intense negotiation with the United States, which only makes these things more complicated.
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New Yorker (blog)
Romney: Chinese dissident Chen's departure from American embassy was 'a dark ...
ABC News
"I can assure you that the president is not concerned about political back-and-forth on this issue," White House Press Secretary Jay Carney told reporters Thursday. Speaking in Virginia, Romney said it is a good thing that the United States and its ...
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US uses bin Laden letters to degrade al-Qaida
The Seattle Times
The documents show that bin Laden's inner circle was frustrated when, in 2010, attention in the US shifted to the economic downturn without linking al-Qaida to the damage. "All the political talk in America is about the economy, forgetting or ignoring ...
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Fight Over bin Laden Raid Comes Down to Simple Politics
U.S. News & World Report (blog)
National security has long been a key political weapon in the GOP arsenal against Democratic presidential candidates, with Republicans arguing that the Democrats are weak on defense and too timid in using US military force abroad.
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Bin Laden letter: Kill Obama, leave 'totally unprepared' Biden alone
ABC News
Osama bin Laden aimed to assassinate President Barack Obama but directed fellow al-Qaida fighters to leave Vice President Joe Biden alone, describing him as "totally unprepared" to take over and predicting a "crisis" in America if that happened, ...
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Activist's fate deepens US-China suspicions
Chen's high-profile effort to keep his case in the public eye served to increase pressure on Washington and embarrass Beijing as it hosted Clinton and other US officials for annual talks on global political and economic hotspots.
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Nature's Call Draws Views for a Texan's Political Ad
New York Times
"Will set it up pretty easily for us," said Mr. Sledge, who by pure coincidence happened to be interviewed Wednesday at a Houston candidates' forum while he stood next to the men's room. "When they pitched it to me, they said, 'A lot of politicians or ...
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Romney hits Obama administration over departure from US Embassy of Chinese ...
Minneapolis Star Tribune
Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said Thursday the Obama administration had "failed" to protect a blind Chinese dissident by factoring political considerations into the negotiations that ultimately led him to leave the US Embassy in ...
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Partisan Politics Damaging American Energy
By (Shea Laverty)
While the politicians take turns throwing the blame for America's energy woes at one another like monkeys slinging excrement, both problems persist. Daily News Update
America's global shift: drone wars, base politics | openDemocracy
By Paul Rogers
The facts on the ground in Afghanistan, including Taliban control of many rural areas, indicate how vulnerable is the political-military process that Barack Obama is now engaged in (see "Afghanistan-Iraq, and America's fix", 19 April 2012).
Let us work without interference : media groups - The Nation
Let us work without interference : media groups. Two media professional organisations yesterday called on the media to adhere to professional ethics and called on the government and interested groups... - Politics
'War on women' in U.S. politics – Anderson Cooper 360 - ...
By Ella Chick
Ari Fleischer and Hilary Rosen discuss the political impact of the 'war on women' Democrats accuse the GOP of waging....
Anderson Cooper 360
Perry on Romney: 'God help us if he doesn't win' | Texas Politics | a ...
By Peggy Fikac
Watch the latest video at Gov. Rick Perry likes to invoke God and talk about politics, and he got to do both on Fox News Thursday. Asked about his support for Mitt Romney, whom he roundly criticized during his own ...
Texas Politics

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Newt Gingrich ends with lukewarm backing for Romney – US politics ...
Newt Gingrich ends his campaign for the presidency and offers lukewarm endorsement of Mitt ...
US politics in the next couple decades: the most plausible prediction ...
A couple days ago, Ed Brayton blogged about about something I've been thinking about for awhile, doing a really good job of expressing why American politics ...

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