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US Stocks Edge Higher As Greek Politics Offset Firm Euro Zone Economy
Wall Street Journal
By Matt Jarzemsky Of DOW JONES NEWSWIRES NEW YORK (Dow Jones)--US stocks edged higher as Greece's failure to form a coalition government tempered optimism about better-than-expected economic output in the euro zone. The Dow Jones Industrial Average ...
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US Chamber targeting New York state voters in YouTube ads
For the first time a political campaign is targeting voters by ZIP code on YouTube. The US Chamber of Commerce added this new advertising tool to the broadcast media strategy it recently launched focused on a number of House and Senate races, ...
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Bush Dips a Toe Back Into Washington
New York Times
Along the way, Mr. Bush used the occasion to endorse Mitt Romney for president and to nudge both political parties to do more to support revolutionaries and build democratic institutions around the world. "America does not get to choose if a freedom ...
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New York Times
What The Rest of Us Can Learn From Impatient Gay Activists
The Atlantic
By Conor Friedersdorf Politicians respond to money, poll numbers, electoral strategy, and constant pressure from demanding supporters who care about results. Everything I've ever written in support of gay marriage has been influenced by Andrew Sullivan ...
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The Atlantic
Obama, America's first Amish president?
ABC News
The Obama White House—and his political campaign—have embraced technology to an unprecedented degree. But when it comes to their daughters, the president and first lady have a pretty tough set of rules. Obama's campaign Twitter account may have some ...
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US welcomes growth debate in Europe
Chicago Tribune
Geithner warned US lawmakers that the world will not always have confidence in the US political system if Washington does not address America's fiscal issues. The United States is expected to run a deficit of more than $1 trillion for the fourth year ...
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Newsweek puts rejected Obama 'first gay president' covers online
ABC News
Newsweek attempted to stir up some controversy this week with its cover, declaring Barack Obama America's "first gay president" and giving the commander-in-chief a rainbow-colored halo. On Tuesday, the magazine put the rejected "gay president" cover ...
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Mexican novelist, essayist Carlos Fuentes dies
San Francisco Chronicle
(05-15) 18:47 PDT MEXICO CITY, Mexico (AP) -- Author Carlos Fuentes, who played a dominant role in Latin America's novel-writing boom by delving into the failed ideals of the Mexican revolution, died Tuesday in a Mexico City hospital. He was 83.
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Obama stops by The View to talk about the economy – US politics live
The Guardian
What Amazon.com did to books, what the blogosphere did to newspapers, what the iPod did to music, what drugstore.com did to pharmacies, Americans Elect plans to do to the two-party duopoly that has dominated American political life – remove the ...
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The Guardian
Shift on marriage energizes immigration activists
Boston Herald
The government projects Hispanics will account for roughly 30 percent of the population by 2050, doubling in size and boosting their political power. Some 600000 young Hispanics who were born in the US turn 18 each year, entering a widening pool of ...
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Global Insights: Afghan Strategic Pact Depends on Future US ...
By info@worldpoliticsreview.com (Richard Weitz)
On May 2, the U.S. and Afghanistan signed a new Strategic Partnership Agreement that, although not legally binding, yields advantages to both parties. Nonetheless, the accord left several questions unresolved, including how many U.S. ...
World Politics Review: Articles
Same-Sex Politics - Opinion - PatriotPost.US
By William Murchison
So how did 'same-sex marriage' get to be a political issue in the first place -- the kind of issue that draws presidents and presidential contenders into the smoke enveloping this extraordinary battlefield?
The Patriot Post
US Politics | AMERICAblog News: JPMorgan "considering" taking ...
By Chris in Paris
Why are they only considering and not actually doing? The problem on Wall Street has repeatedly been the failure to suffer any consequences from gambles that lose. Nobody on Wall Street ever had to pay back a penny of the bonus money ...
US Politics | AMERICAblog News
Greek, European woe could cause problems for US
Your 401(k) could sink again. A plummeting euro may make it harder for American companies to sell goods overseas. Credit could be tightened. These are all potential complications of a European debt crisis that risks spiraling out of control.
Politics & Government
Afternoon Open Thread - Jack & Jill Politics
By rikyrah
It was, to my mind, the worst thing an American major party has done, at least in domestic politics, since the Civil War. Last summer, congressional Republicans held the full faith and credit of the United States hostage, threatening to impose a ...
Jack & Jill Politics

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