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Obama Begins Commemoration of Vietnam Era
New York Times
WASHINGTON — Barack Obama was still in the crib, just 5 months old, when American helicopters swooped out of Saigon into the jungle in January 1962 carrying South Vietnamese troops on a raid. It was the first time American forces participated in major ...
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New York Times
The Truth About American Politics
New Yorker (blog)
Every four years, the torrent of political books that pours from the presses tells you something about the underlying movement of American politics that campaign coverage usually fails to see. The thematic zeitgeist this year is so basic and ...
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Romney promises world's strongest military
Boston Herald
The candidates' comments underscored the political and practical effects the presidential contest could have on America's role in the world. A new Gallup survey found that veterans prefer Romney over Obama by a double-digit margin, 58 percent to 34 ...
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Romney tells vets dangerous world demands powerful military
Chicago Tribune
SAN DIEGO, California (Reuters) - Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney chose Memorial Day to proclaim to the American people his conviction that the world is a dangerous place, and the United States must remain its most formidable ...
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Romney warns of a weakened military under Obama
ABC News
The event, sponsored by the museum and the Vietnam Veterans of America, is an annual event that regularly attracts thousands of people each year. Organizers were careful to note that the event was not political and said they had warned Romney to not ...
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Transcript: President Obama's Memorial Day remarks at Vietnam War Memorial
Fox News
But let us never use patriotism as a political sword. Patriots can support a war; patriots can oppose a war. And whatever our view, let us always stand united in support of our troops, who we placed in harm's way. (Applause.) ...
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As Edwards jury deliberates, how long is too long?
Boston Herald
That requires the jury to navigate a web of laws so complicated that even campaign finance experts disagree on whether the money used in the cover-up qualify as political contributions, which were then limited to $2300 per person. Although US District ...
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Romney's pants on fire
Washington Post
Every political campaign exaggerates and dissembles. This practice may not be admirable — it's surely one reason so many Americans are disenchanted with politics — but it's something we've all come to expect. Candidates claim the right to make any ...
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Frustrations Grow as US and Pakistan Fail to Mend Ties
Pittsburgh Post Gazette
"We need to scale back expectations for each other," Sherry Rehman, Pakistan's ambassador to the United States, said in an interview. For Mr. Zardari, the visit to Chicago was a political disaster at home, exposing the increasingly embattled president ...
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US campaigns mine online data to target voters
Now it's facing the greatest test yet of its political impact. "It's easy to collect data and see what's resonating and not resonating with voters," said Adam Berke, president of the digital retargeting company AdRoll. Campaigns have worked for years ...
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Fun Facts in Texas U.S. Senate Primary Election History - Smart ...
By Eric Ostermeier
A Smart Politics review of primary data culled from the Texas Almanac finds that the Democratic and Republican parties have never had a runoff election in the same cycle since the primary system was introduced for U.S. Senate races nearly ...
Smart Politics

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