Wednesday, May 30, 2012

How Energy from the Phone Protects the Environment and your pocket


There is more and more talking around that the planet is in trouble and that each and very individual must do something in order to protect from further damage. One of the major factors which strongly pollute the environment is the smoke and the scrap material resulted after energy production. This means that the less energy each individual consumes, the greater are the chances that we will live in a clean and unpolluted environment and that less animals will die or will have to leave their natural habitat. So, you can do something too: use less electrical power and contribute to the saving of your planet.

This sounds great in theory, but in practice things become complicated. There are so many useful objects around your house powered by electrical current and giving up on them will significantly affect your comfort. You may think that you are being selfish when thinking like that, but do not worry, there are many people who have thought this way, too and now are saving lots of money on their electrical bills, consume less power from the plug and still manage to power all their appliances. How they did it? By using energy from the phone line!

Through your phone line runs every day almost the same amount of power that you have in the plugs, just that you do not know about it. You pay for that power, but because nobody told you about it, you are not aware of its existence and are not able to use it. Yet, it is there and it can be used for consuming less energy from the national electrical network. All you need is a device that will gather all that energy (which otherwise is wasted) and you will have a cheap source of energy that will replace part of the traditional one. This way, you will save energy from the energetic company, thus enabling them to produce less and thus protect the environment.

In addition to that, the phone company has its own production line for energy and when the power is off you will still have your TV and other home appliances working. You will have all these advantages from the energy coming from the phone line, an energy which is otherwise wasted! This is really a great way to contribute to a green planet without giving up your comfort or spending lots of money on expensive solar or wind power systems!

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