Friday, May 4, 2012

How To Create A Christmas Box

In this adobe Photoshop tutorial you will see how to make a custom christmas content box, or shape, I just made this and was a bit inspired by the christmas spirits around my house right now, I think the result came out quite good.

We will start by making the basic shape, the box with the two flower things at the top, then merge them together to one shape.

Start by using your rectangle shape tool and drag out a rectangle as I did below.

Now go locate the flower shape in Photoshops custom shapes panel (the tool should be placed next to the rectangle tool). drag out two flowers as below and place them in each upper corner as I did.

If you go to the layers panel you should have a background layer and three shape layers. Select all the shape layers by holding down alt and clicking them, then right click and choose merge layers and you should have merged them into one shape.

Again go to Photoshops custom shapes layer and find one of the default snowflake shapes draw three of them on the stage about the same place as I did. Select them all and merge them into one layer as we did before with our first shape.

Hold down ctrl and click the snowflakes layer to load a selection around them, now you can delete the snowflakes layer again.

Select our first shapes layer and hit delete, then we should have deleted parts of our shape so it should look like mine below.

Double click our shapes layer in the layers panel to get to the layers styles panel and give it settings as shown below.

Now we will make it a bit shiny by giving our shape some glossiness. Hold down ctrl and click our layer in the layers panel to load the selection, use the selection tool to subtract a elliptical selection part as shown below.

Now with our gradient tool make a gradient from white to transparent and drag it in the selection (in a new layer above our shape).

As a final step I just made a couple of default snowflake shapes and brought down the opacity to about 10 and put them inside my box.

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