Friday, May 11, 2012

How to Make Your Computer Run Faster in the Next Hour

So, your computer runs a little slower than you'd like it to. You have to wait up to three or four minutes for it to boot up every morning and you find yourself cursing at Internet Explorer because it won't boot your email as fast as it did just a few weeks. But, what can you actually do about it? Many people get angry about their slow running PCs, but they have no idea what tasks they can perform to make them run faster. Fortunately, it's not actually that hard to speed up your machine, if you just start with the right tasks.

Assessing the Problem

The first step is to make a list of the problems you have. Sometime, this can help you decide what tasks need to be performed to make it run better. Mark down everything that your computer does when you try to get it to run properly. This might be a slow down to the speed at which it opens a browser or a word processor or how long it takes to boot or shut down or how rarely it updates. These are all things you can fix.

Cleaning House

Much of a computer's slow down comes from the excess of files that clutter it up. If your computer boots slowly, you can speed it up by removing files from the boot menu and reducing the number of items on your desktop. If it runs slowly on the Internet, you can clear your cache and get a faster browser like Chrome or Opera. If it won't open documents quickly, clean out your temporary files and run a ScanDisk and Defrag of your hard drive to remove the extra files and clean up the broken ones.

Downloading Some Help

The next step is to add some protection to your computer. It needs to be well prepared for any incursions by viruses or malware. You should have a good firewall like Zone Alarm, as well as a good antivirus and a good Spyware and Adware protector. These files will ensure that your computer never gets bogged down by simple things like a bad file on a website again.

If you take these simple tasks, you should be able to immediately boost the speed of your computer in as little as just an hour. Of course to get your computer running as well as it should in the long term, you will need to perform some other, more in depth maintenance and then keep up with it, but this is a great start for nearly any PC.


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