Tuesday, May 1, 2012

How to Squat Powerlifting Squats


Powerlifting Squats


  1. Setup under the center of the bar with it resting on your lower traps
  2. Place your hands wide on the bar, squeeze your back tight as you pull your hands toward the center as far as you can
  3. Lock hands on bar with very tight grip
  4. Rotate elbows down (facing the ground) and straighten the wrists
  5. Take a deep breath, hold it
  6. Unrack bar and step backward, getting into your stance with as minimal steps as possible
  7. Feet should be approximately 1 to 2 foot wider than shoulder width apart with toes pointed outward at a comfortable angle for your body type, typically any where from 10 – 45 degree angle
  8. Let air out, and reset air pulling chest upward and ensuring elbows are facing down, head should remain forward to slightly up
  9. With weight on the middle of your feet (not toes) shift hips backward
  10. As the hips move backward, knees are forced outward, opening the hips with the feeling of "spreading the floor".
  11. Drop down into the hole maintaining an upright torso position tracking the knees over your toes and without the knees translating forward
  12. Imagine there is a string attached to your chest keeping it up and facing forward
  13. Descend until you reach a parallel or slightly below bottom position
  14. Still holding your air, drive upward out of the hole locking the hips forward at the peak with a powerful glute contraction.
  15. Repeat steps 5-14.

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