Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Inside Scoop on the World’s First Real Café World Guide

There are a lot of different social games on sites like Facebook and MySpace. I've seen a dozen of them in the last few months blow up and frankly I didn't get it at first. I saw people playing very simple, albeit free, games and while they looked interesting enough, they really weren't all that engaging considering what they were.

But, then I started playing Café World. Don't ask me why it was Café World. It could have been any of them probably. They're all the same generally, and in that they are extremely addictive. But, it was Café World and now two months later I'm a bit of an addict – I love this game.

So, when I heard there was a guide coming out for it that would help to speed things along, I was first in line to read it. I wanted to know exactly what it was that this Café World guide could offer that I couldn't figure out on my own.

Turns out, it was quite a bit. As of the two month mark, I was roughly 25 levels into the game. I would play about 3-4 days a week, and the last day would rarely count because I would usually let all my food spoil in the interim when I took the weekend off.

The Café World guide, however, showed me exactly how to outline and master the process of what to cook, when to cook it and how to set up the café before I logged off each night. Turns out you can actually make quite a tidy profit while not even logged in – for days on end if you want.

I couldn't possibly touch on all the cool things that this guide does right, but here's the bottom line – Café World is a tough game without some guidance. There are dozens of dishes, possible combinations and ways for you to mess up with. This Café World guide, I was able to create the perfect combination of tactics. I'm now at level 45 and have way more cash than I'll ever need – and I'm having more fun than ever. That's what a good guide should do. Check it out:


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