Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Is the World of Warcraft Gold Cap for Real? (Keyword: World of Warcraft gold cap)

There is a lot of talk in this day and age of the one time legendary World of Warcraft gold cap. There were players a few years ago who claimed to have hit it and no one believed them due to the low yield of most TBC farming methods. Today, there are more players who have hit the gold cap and have proof of their accomplishments – either in screens and videos or in the sheer volume of time they've spent in the game.
However, the big question still remains of whether the World of Warcraft gold cap is something a normal player who doesn't play 60 hours a week has a realistic chance of ever hitting.
What it Takes to Hit the World of Warcraft Gold Cap
The gold cap is a big deal for many players, yet something they'll never hit. The reason is simple. They keep farming and questing and will never get there. Consider the amount of time it would take to reach the gold cap using these old methods. It takes 300 hours to reach the gold cap while making 750 gold an hour. That's only if you could maintain that kind of speed, and then there is the time spent on your alt selling off all that stuff. Anyone else will realistically make between 200 and 400 gold an hour at the most – which would take upwards of 800 or 900 hours to reach the cap. And that's only if you don't spend any of that gold.
Strategies on Hitting the Gold Cap
So, it's going to take a bit more to hit the World of Warcraft gold cap than just farming away. You'll need to start using the Auction House and learning how to master the movement of items between auction houses, servers, and factions – pushing items between characters in ways that will allow you to profit on every transaction and in large sums – much larger than any other farming methods would allow.
For any player who has never before considered the prospect of hitting the gold cap, starting from scratch will result in a great deal of time spent in the auction house and out farming. There are other methods to consider in the process, but they all need to be carefully crafted and executed. If you can do that, you may stand a chance of eventually hitting the elusive gold cap in World of Warcraft.

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