Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Learning How to Live With Asthma

For many people asthma is a condition with which they will have to live with all their lives. They will have to get used to being caught by surprise by an asthma attack. Yet, learning how to live with asthma is not an easy thing to do and even for asthmatics who have long dealt with disease coping with it is difficult.

The first thing that you will have to do after you discover your asthma is to make sure you take your medicine whenever you have to . Not taking them may have serious consequences and sometimes results in even more serious symptoms and an aggravation of this condition, as the inflammation starts developing immunity to medicine, of these are not taken regularly.

Then, you will have to tell all those living and working besides you that you are an asthmatic and that you may need help in case of an attack. Suffering from this ailment is not a shame, so keeping it to yourself will not help you in any way. Instead of trying to hide your state of health from the others, explain them what they should do in case of emergency and how should they react if you are not feeling well.

It is also highly important that you do not stop doing all your current activities. You will be encouraged to get out of the house and do physical movement. Even though  it may be a little more difficult at the beginning, especially for those suffering from exercise-induced asthmatics, things will get easier and more fun with time. Time will also make the medicine routine easier and will make you understand better your condition.

What is highly important is to never give it up. Asthma is an ailment which with you can live. There have not been reported any people who have died because of asthma, so you will not have to panic about this either. Moreover, if you have a healthy nutrition, make regular exercises and take your medicine in due time, you condition may improve and you will be able to live your life as an active, normal person for a long period of time.

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