Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Making As Many Happy Aquarium Coins as Possible (Happy Aquarium coins)

In a game like Happy Aquarium, the goal becomes almost immediately to gain as many coins as you can as quickly as you can. The higher level fish cost an arm and a leg, but they also reward you for your efforts many times over. If you're serious about getting those high level fish so you can upgrade your income levels though, you need to spend some time developing your coin count so you can upgrade tanks, buy your three sub-tanks and get all the fish into them you need to keep exploring the upper reaches of the game.
The Role of Happy Aquarium Coins
The coins in Happy Aquarium are designed to help you buy just about anything you need. You'll get the coins for clicking on your treasure chest each day (and there is a chest in each tank), for selling your fish, for running through the training course and for selling items that you get as gifts or that you don't need any more. As a result, you will be able to get quite a few good coins for your efforts if you are willing to do as many things as possible each day when you login.
Getting as Many Happy Aquarium Coins as Possible
There is no daily maximum in coins on this game. If you have a lot of friends for example, you could get 20 coins per visit to each tank of your friends. That can add up very fast. The totals will start to rise towards 400 and 500 coins a day if you have enough friends and that is being rather conservative. Toss in the fish you can sell and you can make upwards of 2,000 coins a day there plus the coins from training and beyond.
The real question on your coins is how many you need. For the most part, the decorations you buy will not matter so much as being able to buy higher level fish and upgrade your tanks as you get to higher levels. Once you hit Level 42, you'll want to be able to buy the high level 1000+ coin fish that will resell for a 100 coin profit each time.
The thing about Happy Aquarium coins is that they are not necessarily hard to get. But, to get the amount you need to be truly successful in a game like this, you need to spend some time and energy developing the right strategies, choosing the right fish, and logging on each day to complete the laundry list of tasks set to you by the game. This is a chore in and of itself. If you can master it, you'll be well on your way to success, but only if you can do everything correctly.

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