Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Maximizing Your First Person Shooter Experience

With all the current war games available in the market today the race to design one that stays competitive is always on going but for some the battlefield 3 has hit the mark. The sheer level of detail is very impressive to say the least. Giving the gamer the ultimate life like experience is the primary idea behind the design. For those who yearn to have that 'actual' and very real experience without the reality of death tagged to it, the battlefield 3, is purported to be the closest one can get to the real thing.
From the sunlight glinting and the dynamics of the reflections bouncing off the scopes of the soldiers to the 3D feeling of chips of stone flying everywhere the designer have managed to comfortably convey the intended scenario. Even when mistakes are made during the battle as inevitably there will be, the scenes depicted are very compelling to say the least. Some of which may include the collapsing of buildings, the rumblings of chaos, yells from the surroundings, realistic sound effects are all designed to create the mindset of the real experience as if in the flesh itself.
The creative director himself, Gustavsson is very excited and talks with such animation about the designs that one can't help but feel as excited and caught up as he does. Perceived to know a thing or two about war simulation tactics he impressively manages to convey these experiences into the designs for all to experience and enjoy. The introduction of bigger and more detailed mappings, better designed weapons and the impressive array of vehicles to pilot as well as the reintroduction of jets all make the experience more believable. At the end of the day the totally feeling of being immersed in the game 100% is the ultimate for any gamer.


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