Monday, May 28, 2012

Monday's Daily Brief: Americans Honor Troops, Veterans File For Disability At Historic Rates, Tropical Storm Beryl Makes Landfall, The End Of The Euro? Plus Gov. Jennifer Granholm, Bonnie St. John

Monday, May 28, 2012
Iraq, Afghanistan Veterans Filing For Disability Benefits At Historic Rate
The President's Memorial Day Prayer for Peace
Tropical Storm Beryl Makes Landfall In Northeastern Florida
Alan Simpson Lashes Out At GOP 'Madness'
And The Top Cannes Award Goes To ...
Simon Johnson: The End of the Euro: A Survivor's Guide
In every economic crisis there comes a moment of clarity. In Europe soon, millions of people will wake up to realize that the euro-as-we-know-it is gone. Economic chaos awaits them -- and the world.
Bonnie St. John: An Inconvenient Truth on Memorial Day
The inconvenient truth that won't be discussed enough this weekend is that fewer and fewer members of our armed forces are actually dying in today's wars. This Memorial Day, let's consider the courageous, wounded warriors.
Tracy McMillan: Why You're Still Not Married
I am here with four ALL NEW REASONS why you're still not married. And don't think just because you're one of the first six reasons - or even because you're already married - you can disregard this.
Sugar Rautbord: Art and Money
The numbers are in. The prices of blue-chip art are bigger than they have ever been at a time when whole countries have contemplated fiscal bankruptcy and currency devaluation. Fine art is a art is a global currency less volatile than the euro, dollar or drachma... or Facebook stock.
Gov. Jennifer M. Granholm: Honor Sacrifice by Supporting Vets
Caring for veterans shouldn't be a partisan issue. It should an American one. We must remember them, as a nation, through a commitment to treat our living veterans as well as they have treated us.

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