Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Need to Find Someone?


My absolute favorite teacher of all time was my sixth grade Science teacher, Mrs. Keilborn. She was funny and laid back and took a real interest in her students and their educations. She always had a smile and a friendly word for me, and I think she favored me out of all of her other students. That was quite all right, because she was my favorite teacher for sure. It wasn't until years later that I realized what a profound impact she really had on me.
In my high school and college years, I fell back on advice that she had given me in sixth grade. Even in my parenting years, I found myself treating my children the way that she treated her students – with a loving and gentle demeanor. Her reprimands were different from anyone else's. Rather than angry words or yelling, she demonstrated what we had done wrong and in a way where no one would be pointed out. She was a really great teacher.
I found myself as an adult wanting to tell her what an impact she had on me. However, I lived in a completely different state. I tried calling the school, but she no longer taught there and they wouldn't release any information to me. I was sort of left without any options. I thought it was quite sad that I would never be able to tell her what a great teacher she was. That was until a friend told me about It is the ultimate resource for those who need to find someone and don't have very much information.
You simply type in the name of the person you are looking for, and you are immediately given access to all sorts of information, including address, phone number, and much more. I was able to find Mrs. Keilborn's address and phone number quite easily. When I called, she couldn't believe it! I finally got to tell her exactly what she had meant to me while I was in her class, and even over the years.
You can find anyone you need to find as well. Whether you're searching for a long lost friend, a favorite teacher, or the one who got away, you can utilize this website to find out information on that person. You can get serious information there too. If you are trying to find out criminal records, arrest records, civil records, or something similar, you can do it there. You can performemployee searches, friend searches, or if you want to find out about the people to whom your children are exposed; it's all available to you. All you need is a name! Start your search today so you can tell that one special person just how much they meant to you!

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