Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New CityVille Guide Exposed!

There are a bunch of new CityVille guide on the internet, and many claim to teach you how to make unlimited cash, energy and an awesome city with little to no work. But how many of these guides actually deliver, and which one can you trust? I did a bit of investigating and discovered the shocking truth: that most of these guides contain information which not only doesn't work, but will probably make your progress even slower in the game…

Crazy right? I was pretty frustrated with all these guides that promised the world but didn't deliver.

Just as I was about to give up, I came across the only guide that was actually extremely helpful. Not only was I making tons of cash and leveling fast, but I was building the city that I always wanted to build…

Why The CityVille Club has the best CityVille guide…

Ok, so as I already mentioned none of the other guide really did it for me. I tried CityVille Secrets, CityVille domination, CityVille this, Cityville that – none of them actually had anything useful, apart from hype and empty promises.

So naturally I expected the same from The CityVille Club. Even The CityVille Club has used the named their guide 'The CityVille Club Secrets Guide', so that didn't help my suspicions. But anyway being the CityVille freak that I am I went ahead and joined…

When I actually got the guide and bonuses I was very, very impressed.

Not only were they well written, but they were super effective. I mean if you read and follow these guides you WILL become a better CityVille player, it would be impossible not to. After using the guides and following them I made a heap of cash, leveled fast and went on a building spree. My city is now looking amazing, I'm at level 60 and I have a ton of skyscrapers, lol.

Using this guide is like being given unlimited cash and energy, you get the freedom to build the city you want…

Yes, the guide really is that good.

What's even more great is that when you join you become a lifetime member. You're not just getting the guide, you're getting a lifetime membership to the club, so when new stuff comes out all you have to do is just log in to the site and get your copy. None of the other sites are offering this.

So as you can see I'm a big fan – if you're looking to make the most out of CityVille do yourself a favor and join The CityVile Club. I wasted hours of my time looking for CityVille cheats and ways to make free cash but it just doesn't work. You need a guide if you want those things otherwise you simply won't get them!

Click here to go to The CityVille Club website and download their guides!


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