Friday, May 18, 2012

Overeating Nutritious Food

"I wanted to see if I could actually GAIN unwanted body fat by eating as much food as I wanted for 6 weeks straight. My theory was that if you eat the right types of food and don't stray from those foods, the body will Diet Solution Programautomatically rebalance itself, even though you're attempting to overeat.

I couldn't just eat any and all types of foods… I would overeat on as much food as I wanted, but ONLY the foods that are "approved" according to my rules (the same rules Isabel teaches in The Diet Solution Program).

You're not going to believe what happened. The end result after 6 weeks of trying to stuff my face with as much healthy food as possible: My body weight stayed EXACTLY the same! I didn't gain a single pound.

I know the first reaction of many people is that I just must have a "fast metabolism" or something along those lines and that's why I didn't gain weight – But that is false!

The truth is that I have no problem at all gaining weight when I overeat on junk food or processed food in general. I can guarantee you that if I was overeating on those foods during the 6 weeks, I would have gained a massive amount of weight.

In fact, in the past I've easily gained as much as 10 lbs in only 1 week when I've been on some sort of vacation and simply ate the normal types of processed foods that everyone else was eating.

This proves that I'm just as prone to gaining weight as anybody else. Eating nutrient dense foods forces the body to readjust, just like I theorized. Not only that, but this is the type of eating that pretty much totally eliminates cravings…

You just cannot get fat when you make the right food choices and you just can't help but burn fat off your body when you make the same great food choices. As I've mentioned before, I think one of the programs that gives some of the best guidelines for eating healthy and truly enjoying your food for lifelong success is Isabel De Los Rios' program"

Mike has an extremely effective fitness program and also shares many of the same nutrition principles that I follow. His program is called The Truth About Abs and

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