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Paladin PvE Guide

The Paladin is truly one of the most awesome classes in World of Warcraft and one that you should try at least once in your life. The problem here is trying to find a Paladin Guide that can break down the essentials of the class, especially what you have to do when you step in an instance for the first time, which we have to admit, can be an intimidating experience for WoW beginners.

Because of the Paladin's hybrid role, it is especially important that you have an in-depth understanding of all its spells and abilities as well as the variety of roles that you can perform in a raiding context.

To be god-like in PvE does not necessarily mean you get pigeon-holed into one role, say a Healer or a Tank. Most people would define a good Paladin as someone who excels in all areas of the game, and this includes effectively switching between a Tanking, Healing or DPS role according to the demands of the situation.

All this should happen in the blink of an eye without a moment's notice and is something that can only be done with enough experience and played time.

How a PvE Guide Can Drastically Improve Your Paladin

Here's the thing. With the changes in Cataclysm, the Paladin is now a spectacular tank , capable of holding his ground against the more established Warrior as the Main Tank of this raid. In addition to having great damage mitigation abilities, the Protection Paladin is without equal when it comes to AoE tanking. A good PvE guide will break down every essential spell in a Tanking Paladin's arsenal and teach you exactly when and how to use them to maximum effect.

Granted, the DPS potential for a Retribution Paladin cannot compare to that of a pure DPS class like a Mage or Rogue, and that shouldn't be the case considering that DPS is their full-time job. But the amount of buffs and special abilities a Ret Pally brings to the table more than justifies his place in a serious raid setup.

Also be aware of the talents you have as a healer, as Holy Paladins are the best Tank Healers in the game and a good PvE guide should be able to help you to bring these talents to the fore.

Ultimately, as a Paladin, you should be prepared for just about anything that might come your way. It's your role to be a solid, well played hybrid class that can move between roles seamlessly and with high skill. With luck, you'll find a Paladin PvE Guide that can help you do that as well as possible.

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