Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pearly Penile Papules – Explain Your Partner What They Are

When you wake up one morning and see that small bumps have grown up on the head of your penis, you are certainly shocked, do not know what they are, how they got there and what should you do in order to treat them. It is absolutely normal to feel like that, just as it is quite normal to feel embarrassed and want to hide the whole deal until you can tell it as a joke to your friends after a beer or two. However, there is someone to whom you will have to disclose your secret after all and that person is your partner.

Think about your reaction when you saw the bumps. Now if you felt that way, you can be sure that your partner will not react in a compassionate way if she sees those papules on your penis for the first time, without any previous warning. In fact, even though you may expect a certain reaction, it will certainly be painful when she will laugh at you or on the contrary, will be so scared that will not even want to touch you. This is why you will have to explain her beforehand what those bumps are.

You should have an open discussion, where you will tell her that the pearly penile papules is not a STD, not even a contagious disease, so she has nothing to be afraid about. Also, explaining her that this is only a skin condition which appears for no other reason but the bad function of your own body will probably calm her and avoid some useless tensions which may appear between you two. If necessary, show her pictures from the internet, so that she can compare them with the skin condition you are suffering from and see that there is no connection between those bumps and the ones caused by STD.

If you have a life partner, with whom you share both the good and the bad things t should not be so difficult and she will probably understand. Those who do not have a constant partner will experience some trouble in explaining their condition, but it is better to prevent than having to face a reaction which will severely affect your image and your self-esteem.

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