Friday, May 4, 2012

Read this before you buy FlightProSim

FlightProSim.comIn today's world where a number of airplane simulator game packages are available, you have to select the best that gives value for money.  The best recommended by experts of flight training is FlightProSim to get a feel of real life flying experience in different types of airplanes from small-chartered jets to the latest sophisticated military combat aircrafts.  Other options include flying of various helicopters, 747's and A-320's; and the add-on pack giving you the chance to be in the cockpit of 100 more planes.  FlightProSim is an airplane simulator game that tests your aircraft in real life weather conditions in different environments; lands your airplane in actual runway elevations and sloping runways in thousands of airports and gives you the freedom to fly anywhere in the world with the add-on scenery package.  To train you to be an expert pc aviator, this flight training simulator package provides for realistic aircraft controls, actual map data, night flying and landing instruments, correct Airport lighting and runway markings, true-to-life instrument behavior, correct gyro drift and magnetic compass subject to aircraft body forces.  You can also be on auto pilot mode and enjoy the views inside the plane or simply look out of the window and have fun.  FlightProSim software package is the best flight simulator and is quite easy to download and install along with the add-on packs.  The starter manual "Quick Start Guide" is precise and short with all the information and guidelines necessary to start flying.  This comprehensive software caters to the need of beginners and also provides enough details for advanced flight experts.  The guide titled 'Flight School' helps you get to real life flying in the shortest possible time.  This amazing new flight simulator software provides fun and enjoyment with real life challenges and comes at an unbelievable price to get you airborne without leaving your living room.

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