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Sinus Infection Medication

A sinus is a cavity in the bones near the nose. The function of these sinuses is to evacuate mucus and air from the nasal membrane. An inflammation of the sinuses leads to trapping of this mucus and dry air inside the sinuses. This causes excruciating pain. Sinus infection medication provides a relief from this pain.

The sinus infections are classified into three categories on the basis of the duration of the illness. Acute sinus infection lasts for approximately three weeks. Chronic sinus infection is the one that lasts from anywhere between three to eight weeks. Recurring sinus infections are the ones occurring frequently over time.

The sinus infection medication depends on the category or type of infection. Acute sinus infections can be cured with home remedies whereas chronic infections demand a prolonged treatment as the symptoms last for a longer duration of time.

The home remedies for treating sinus infection, though do not cure the disease, but are effective in relieving the pain. Inhaling the steam from a vaporizer is perhaps one of the best home medication for sinus infections. Placing a hot cloth over the inflamed area of the face also provides relief.

In addition to these, intake of jalapeٌo peppers and ripe grapes' juice is also effective. Relief can also be obtained by applying a paste of cinnamon with water, or ginger with milk or water. The steam of eucalyptus oil, hen inhaled, proves an effective treatment for sinus infection. Intake of warm fluids should be increased to allow the trappings in sinuses to open.

Sinus infection medication is prescribed on the basis of the root cause of the infection. At times, diseases like asthma, HIV, cystic fibrosis and certain allergies cause sinusitis. In these cases, before treating the sinusitis, these ailments need to be treated.

Other treatments for sinus infection include decongestants, nasal sprays, antibiotics and pain killers. Because of the side effects, steroids are not prescribed. If the infection is not cured by any of the above mentioned treatments, an endoscopic surgery is resorted to for widening the openings of sinuses.

Thus, various sinus infection medications are available. The only thing that needs to be taken care of while selecting the treatment is the nature, duration and cause of the infection.

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