Tuesday, May 1, 2012

There is probably no other gaming niche that

There is probably no other gaming niche that has grown as fast as the niche of airplane games in the last decade or so.

Flight Simulator GameThe 9/11 bombings and a couple of other factors have actually led to a rise of people wanting to get a first hand feel of flying an aircraft.

Aircraft combat games have also seen an upswing in demand in the last 5 odd years.

One of the main reasons for a sudden surge in demand of airplane games is the fact that animations and graphic designing firms are now better equipped to give the user the exact Graphical Interface, as it is in an aircraft.

Exponential proliferation and up-gradation of hardware, introduction of dedicated graphics cards, sound drivers and a whole lot of gaming equipment has further resulted in an increase in the demand for airplane games.

Pilot wings, Ace Combat and Sky Odyssey are some of the most commonly played and popular airplane games to have surfaces in the last decade.

Ace Combat was also one of the first airplane games to imbibe the combat feature, wherein two fighter planes could seek and destroy each other and dog fight, just as it happens in a real life war-like situation.

Technology has come a long way since Ace Combat was first launched on PS I.

Internet based flight simulators and virtual flight schools are the "in-thing" these days.

Airplane games on the internet today empower you to create your own virtual air carriers, launch your own services, fly a variety of planes ranging from cargo planes to Boeings and fighter jets.

With the kind of speed at which airplane games are growing, there certainly lies an exciting future ahead of us and it would be really interesting to follow the trajectory of this industry over the next one decade or so.

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