Thursday, May 10, 2012

Three Reasons Windows Needs a Speed Boost

Let's face it, Windows can be a bug ridden, slow moving beast at times. It's not necessarily the software itself all the time (though Vista didn't do much for its case), but the wide array of different software programs, programming styles and possible malware that can get into your computer and slow everything down. If not taken care of properly, those files can clog everything up nice and good and you can lose a huge chunk of processing power. Here are three specific reasons that you shouldn't put up with this slow down on your machine.

1. It Could Be Hiding Viruses

One of the biggest risks of letting your computer stay nice and slow is that it could be hiding a variety of unwanted bugs and viruses in your files. Many times a slowdown is the result of clogged files and no maintenance, but sometimes it can be because of AdWare, Viruses, and SpyWare, which all clog up your registry and your system files. These can do anything from delete your files to send your personal information off to hackers and spammers. It's a bad thing any way you look at it, but it can be taken care of if you take the effort needed to speed your computer up.

2. You Might Lose Data

By leaving your computer running slowly, you could be setting yourself up to lose data. This doesn't just mean that the slowdown of your computer will result in viruses. It can simply mean that you have files freeze up or crash due to a system overload of resources. When this happens, you can lose whatever file you're currently working, just because everything is bogged down.

3. Your Computer CAN Run Faster

The simplest reason to fix up Windows is that you can almost always run you faster on a PC. There is no reason to have things run so slowly if you're going to be using the machine so often. Almost every version of Windows currently available will run faster than it is at the moment, but it won't do it on its own. You need to turn off certain effects, clean out caches, delete files, install protections, and generally keep a close eye on your files.

As you can see, there are plenty of good reasons to make sure computer runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible. If you don't take advantage of the speed that is locked away in your PC's hardware, you're throwing away a perfectly good PC and its potential.


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