Sunday, May 13, 2012

Three Things to Look for in Your Photographs

Photography is a hobby practiced my millions of people around the world and something that any number of people enjoy on a daily basis. However, the effective use of a camera to start making a living is something entirely different than using a cheap digital camera at a soccer game. For individuals who are interested in turning their passion into a career, it is going to be necessary to start learning the different aspects of professional and well respected photography. While there are hundreds of details and things that you could spend an entire tenure in college learning about, there are three details that can get you started down the path to professional photo taking.

The Right Lines

Lines are a primary part of composition in photography. They create paths for the eye to follow and are thus highly effective in balancing and drawing attention to a photo. Curving an straight lines that lead to a destination in an image are ideal because they pull the eye inward. Diagonal lines create motion and jagged lines show violent change, such as in a mountain range. Learn how to utilize lines in your photos and you will have a much more effective route to composition.


The shapes in your photographs are equally important to effective composition. The most basic form of shape is the silhouette, which will show what the object is without any of the details involved with that image. Additionally, the features of texture, color and form can add depth to an image that all add different bits to the composition. Learn how to affect the lighting that changes the shapes in your photos to different effect and you will learn a great deal about your craft.


The texture of your image is going to be vital to the way it makes a viewer feel. People automatically relate to an image based on subtle details that create certain textures. Rocky surfaces, soft covers, ragged skin or billowy clouds – these are all textures that people relate to in an emotional way. Use hard and soft lighting to bring out different aspects of these textures to great effect.

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