Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thursday's Daily Brief: Why Obama Endorsed Gay Marriage, Syria Bomb Blasts, Collapsing Home Prices, Plus Marlo Thomas, Howard Fineman, Robert Reich

Thursday, May 10, 2012
Deadliest Bomb Attack In Syrian Uprising
Medicare Paid $5.6 Billion To Drugstores For Questionable Billings
10 Cities Where Home Prices Are Collapsing
What Apple Looks Like In Numbers (INFOGRAPHIC)
PHOTOS: Which Members Of Congress Have Tattoos?
Marlo Thomas: Mother's Day: A Time to Remember
Mother's Day is approaching again, and whether your mom is still with us or gone, it's a time when we all can't help but stop for a moment, and recall all of those memories about her that we still hold in our hearts -- the touching ones, the inspiring ones, the sad ones and the funny ones.
Robert Reich: Of Bedrooms and Boardrooms
America's real problems have nothing to do with what we do in our bedrooms and everything to do with what top executives do in their boardrooms and executive suites. Our crisis has nothing to do with private morality. It's a crisis of public morality.
Robert L. Borosage: Obama's "Bend Toward Justice"
Personally, I salute President Obama for his statement, for speaking out for equality. Now he needs to be the defender of Social Security and Medicare and not the advocate of a "grand bargain." He needs to champion making it in America, not peddle more corporate trade pacts.
Howard Fineman: Election 2012: The End of the Middle of Everything
Dick Lugar was a nice guy who stayed too long. But his crushing loss is also a valid data point in a profound and troubling trend, obvious not only in politics but in every other aspect of American life. We are losing the mediating middle of everything.
Anthony D. Romero: Obama and Marriage: A Turning Point in Presidential Politics
Whatever led Obama to fully evolve, the fact that a sitting president proclaimed that we should be free to marry whomever we love and want to share our live with is a big deal worthy of celebration, but only to a point. The civil rights reality for gay couples remains mixed.

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