Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tips on Earning Free Cityville Cash

Cityville has proven to be the most successful game in Zynga's roster of social networking games so far, and thousands of players want to know how to get free Cityville cash to be able to purchase limited items and other goodies. This article will show you several effective tips on how to earn free cash, and you just need to be equipped with the patience and the perseverance to do it.

Cityville gives you free Cityville cash whenever you reach a higher level, and since the game at present has 80 levels to it, you can expect to get 80 free cash depending on how fast you are able to level up and finish your daily tasks or collections. The first trick that you can do reach a higher level and gain free cash is by maximizing the number of your friends. This may seem hard to some people but it is actually very easy to do since there are a lot of pages on Facebook that feature a lot of groups who are all looking for Cityville friends. You can browse through these pages and leave your comment so they can easily add you.

The next step you have to take on your way to getting free cash is by making all of your Cityville friends your neighbors. This is the part where it gets a little bit time-consuming since you can only add up to 40 neighbors at a time. While you are completing this process though, make sure that you send gifts to all your neighbors and friends so they can also help you out in return. Remember to send them gifts on a regular basis for you to maintain a good relationship among your Cityville friends. It can also help you gain free Cityville cash by visiting your friends' cities every so often to make sure that your game is in top form.

Remember those country homes? You can get free cash in Cityville by building as many country homes as you can, harvest the experience, and level-up faster in the game. The more country homes you have, the more experience you gain every 5 minutes. Cityville is truly an enjoyable way to play, and as long as you keep these tips in mind, there's no reason why you shouldn't get your free Cityville cash on a regular basis.


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