Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Too Many Electrical Appliances? Power them With Free Electricity from your Phone


Modern discoveries have provided us with all the necessary things for a decent and comfortable life. We have refrigerators for keeping the food fresh, heating systems to keep us warm through cold weather, coffee machines to wakes up in the morning, electric toothbrushes to brush our teeth and washing machines to wash our clothes. In fact, if you take a good look around you will see that our entire universe depends on electricity. With so many appliances powered by electrical current, there is no wonder that a high share of our income goes on the electricity bills.

This means that we pay for having this comfort, but we give up other pleasures and dreams we may realize with the money spent on electricity. But what else can we do? Apparently, there are two solutions: either give up some (in fact most) of the electrical appliances in order to save some money and start giving more attention to our other needs, or we continue to work the entire month only to pay the bills. Yet, the ends of these solutions, even though apparently irreconcilable, can be made to meet. All we need to do is find an alternative source of power which will offer energy for part of the appliances we use in the house, while the other part will still be powered from the power outlet.

This alternative source of power, which is both cheap and convenient, is the phone line. The phone companies use power to make conversations possible, yet, there are periods of time, such as during the night, when this power is not used by anyone, as there are very few to no people using the phone network during that period. This is the time when you can gather the energy and deposit it into batteries which will later power some of the appliances from your house. This energy is included in your phone bill, so that it is practically yours, you are not stealing anything, but rather use the power which is otherwise wasted.
Thus, why not take advantage of this offer and have your share of energy from the phone? It will help you save some money and fulfill your dreams without giving up your comfort and your actual lifestyle.

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