Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Top Four Add-Ons for World of Warcraft Gold Making (Keyword: World of Warcraft gold making)

There are a number of ways to go about World of Warcraft gold making. Players from around the world login each day to try their hand at hundreds of them, but for the top tier players, the secrets start and end with having the right add-ons for their game client. So, here are the top four add-ons for high yield gold making, using the auction house – the big money maker in this game.
Auctionator is a great tool because it offers a variety of buying and selling tools that work very well, allowing you to buy in bulk and in amounts that are far more profitable and easy to control than other auction house mods. The scan feature also works far better than most others and it is consistent over time.
Auctioneer's basic scanning features are iffy at best, but it has the best search options of any add-on allowing you to look for vendor items, resale items, and much more. Basically, any search criteria you can think of can be fit into Auctioneer and pushed to help you make a profit. The key is to know what you're looking for and to not take the scan data here too literally due to how often it gets a little mussed up.
Market Watcher
Market Watcher is a bit redundant, but it allows you to scan for specific items in a shopping list and then to graph those values over daily, weekly, or monthly timelines, effectively getting real time market data from across your realm. It's a powerful tool and will act wonderfully in conjunction with your other add-ons.
This is a simple mail add-on that makes it easy to customize your mail box, getting it all out at once and accessing extra messages (beyond your first 50) much quicker. For anyone buying and selling in bulk, this is an absolute must on your add-on list.
With these four add-ons, any player in World of Warcraft can boost their way to the top of the auction house and start making substantial sums of gold that will allow them to succeed in almost anything they put their minds to in the game. If you do not yet have these add-ons, make sure to add them to your list and start scanning often.

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