Friday, May 4, 2012

The Truth Behind DC Universe Online Guides

When DC Universe Online was released the other day, it wasn't shocking to see the game guides come with it only a few days later. But, do you actually need a game guide for this MMO? That's the question many people are asking as they settle in and start aiming for Level 30 with their new league. And for many people the answer is not as simple as "yes or no".

Why? Because the game has so many elements to it and not everyone will be able to get the same out of a game guide based on what they need. Some players are fantastic levellers and will just need the PvP tips that a game guide can provide. Others simply want to know how to make a lot of money without too much time investment.

It also depends on which game guide you're looking at. Some game guides are very straightforward and simple. They provide a basic overview of some of the tips and strategies you'll need when you play through the game the first time. Others will actually go into depth showing you more advanced strategies for defeating top tier game content. That kind of stuff will ultimately help you jump ahead of ALL your opponents with ease if you're tricky enough.

I recommend, if you do look for a game guide, that you choose one that will provide at least three things – PvP tips, money making strategies, and walkthroughs of some of the early Alerts in the game. You're going to spend a lot of time needing more money and both PvP and Alerts will take up your time when you're done burning through the levels and missions laid out for you. So, if you want to reach the top level (30) and show off your skills, you'd better have a good collection of tips in those categories.

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