Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday's Daily Brief: Rebekah Brooks Charged, Greek Elections Turmoil, Facebook IPO, Plus James Franco, Ian Bremmer, Bob Harper

Tuesday, May 15, 2012
Romney Backer Switches Sides Following Obama's Big Announcement
Greece Reportedly Faces New Elections After Failed Government Talks
It's Official: Facebook Hikes IPO Price Range
Secret Prison Still Open In Baghdad, Human Rights Group Claims
Super PAC Attacks Romney's Business Record
James Franco: Haunted Tour in New Orleans
At a carnival, inside a fun house or around a campfire, the recitation of disturbing information serves to create a certain mood. Basically, New Orleans is an amusement park where you can get killed.
Menachem Rosensaft: The Case for Same-Sex Marriage: Striving for the Moral Absolute of Equality
Let's assume a presidential candidate had come out against interracial marriage. How many of us would be inclined to vote for him or her? Until 1967, supporters of such a ban used pretty much the same theology-based arguments their ideological heirs use today to rail against same-sex marriage.
Keli Goff: How Hillary Clinton Proved She's Braver Than Any Man
Why are the media, and everyone else, so obsessed with makeup-free Hillary? For starters the media always obsess over how women in the public eye look, in a way they never have, and likely never will, with men.
Ian Bremmer: Welcome to the G-Zero Era
In years to come, every nation will have to create its own options because there will be no government with the muscle to drive an international agenda. Some countries are better positioned than others to prosper in this decentralized global order.
Bob Harper: The Skinny Rules: Eat What I Tweet!
My new book is a rule book for your life as a healthy-weight person, a person who can enjoy delicious food in the right portions and be satisfied.

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