Friday, May 11, 2012

Use Nature To Beat Your Eczema


Many people experience disappointment at the lack of progress conventional medicine is able to make against their Eczema, and unfortunately most of them have no idea how much help some natural therapies can be. I've compiled a few tips here that may help you find some natural relief.

Step 1-Get Some Vitamin E Cream.
As one of nature's most powerful anti oxidants, vitamin E does a great job of clearing your Eczematic areas of any offending microbes or bacteria. These are the little guys that cause the itching and swelling, so to be rid of them is a real boost!

Step 2-Use An Emollient
An Emollient is a little like regular moisturizer, except that it's got a base of FAT. Yes fat. Gross? Well it may seem so but when you take into account that the fat layer will seal the moisture inside your skin and stop itching and cracking, it doesn't seem quite so gross huh? If you apply an emollient directly after bathing or showering, you will really be doing some good as that is when there is the most moisture available to be locked under your skin.

Step 3-Get Some Blueberry Leaf Extract
The blueberry leaves contain a form of acid, called chlorogenic acid-don't worry it's not the kind of acid that will eat through your carpet. This acid has certain anti microbe agents in its make up, which means it's a very effective natural anti inflammatory. Perfect to apply to the affected area when it seems like nothing else will get the job done!

Step 4-Starting Packing Moisturizer
As we said, emollients are great, but they aren't always super practical. That's why it makes sense to keep a bottle of moisturizer with you all the time. That way, next time you are in the office shuffling papers and you feel your hands starting to dry out, just apply a dab of moisturizer. If you get into this habit you can really start to stop some of the worst Eczema episodes in their tracks.

These steps will help reduce your eczema. If you are wishing to cure your eczema, you will need a complete system.

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