Friday, May 4, 2012

Want to modify your game

Want to modify your game – check out the flight simulator add-ons! Flight Simulator GameAs the popularity for the simulator games is increasing, it has encouraged and forced the developers to develop several add-on packages for both commercial and non-commercial simulators.

The flight simulator add-ons basically add some features to the existing system to make it more interesting and entertaining.

They just give some extra instruments or tools to the existing game.

For example some of the added features of a cockpit are: * An animated 3D engine fans.

* A detailed and textured map for the pilot's convenience.

* Accurate sound system.

* There a fuel planner to enable to the pilots to plan their journey well before in advance and to avoid risks.

* There are several online manuals available.

* The instruments panel is very accurate and the yoke and other control systems are very well crafted.

Similarly, if we look at the flight simulator add-ons featured for the Boeing 727: * It is equipped with a fully functional fuel system.

* It has proper and genuine engine and cockpit sounds.

* There are proper radio systems.

* There are proper landing gears and doors, an animated rudder.

* Detailed maps and several log books for the pilots, etc.

Thus, we can see that the flight simulator add-ons have made the gaming process more easy and interactive for its users.

With all the detailed mapping, it has become very easy for the pilot to find the route without getting lost.

The full moving parts of the aircraft including the flaps, rudder, spoilers, ailerons, gear, doors, cargo hatches, reversers and cockpit controls make it look very natural and realistic.

Also, the sound systems give a more real effect to the player.

This makes it more thrilling and adventurous.

Thus it can be said that the flight simulator add-ons are very important to keep the aviation enthusiasts enjoying the games.

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