Friday, May 18, 2012

What to see when buying a flight simulator?

Flight Simulator GameUsing a simulator is crucial for any vehicle; whether in a flight, vessel, or any type of training that requires realistic environments and interaction.

From driving cars to flying planes, there are many simulators available in the market.

But to get the best experience and essential knowledge, a learner has to choose the best simulator.

The various characteristics a good flight simulator should have- are the following: – Any simulator no matter what the field is- should be as realistic as possible.

This enables the trainee to feel the pressure of the real condition.

Good sky and terrain rendering should be available also.

Sound effects also play an important role and without it, the software will feel like a nicely modelled game.

The person using it must know the different conditions he must go through in order to learn how to fly a plane.

- The real time physics calculation should be accurate.

Even if the textures and lighting are perfect, incorrect physics calculation will make everything go wrong.

The acceleration due to gravity, the flight velocity, air friction, and more should all be considered.

This is because in real life situation's, every single event has its significance.

Whatever happens during the flight, the pilot has to deal with everything, so to learn actual flying, the person must feel and experience what real pilots do.

This is the most important features a- software should have.

- Different weather conditions and a wide range of destinations must be included.

This is due to the fact, that a pilot has to fly in various conditions and the flying experience will never be the same for different places.

There may also be instances when the plane may face different complications, once again, depending on the weather condition.

Keep in mind that hot and cold temperatures have different effects on certain flights.

- The control used in the simulator should mimic that of the actual plane, so when the user or student gets the chance of flying a real plane, he-as a pilot- will not have to wonder what the strange looking buttons actually do.

When trying to learn how it's like flying real airplanes, this type of software should definitely be considered.

It will make learning fun and easy to do.

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