Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What’s So Different about DC Universe Online?

I've played through a lot of MMOs over the years, starting way back in the day with games like Ultima Online and Star Wars Galaxies, not to mention the juggernaut World of Warcraft or the uber-hard EVE Online. But, I've never seen anything quite like DC Universe Online. Yeah, I've seen MMOs based on previous licenses (all the best ones seem to be existing licenses turned MMO), but I've not seen an action MMO done in quite this way.

Of course, DCU Online is not quite a full blown action MMO. There are quite a few little tweaks and shifts in the game play that make it less of an action MMO and more of a hybrid with a lot of Shift spamming but it definitely does more for the genre than the traditional macro based keyboard punchers that we've grown used to over the years.

So, what does that mean for players who want to get a little more out of the game and jump ahead of the competition? It means you'll need some strategies and tips that do a bit more than the same old MMO staples.

That's why I like guides like DC Universe Online Secrets. It's written by a veteran in the gaming guide industry – Tony Sanders – and it showcases a LOT of different strategies that will help players get the very most out of their characters from start to finish. We're talking about everything from basic levelling tips to walkthroughs of the many Alerts and Raids, as well as Legends and Arena PvP play.

If you're about to get started in DCU Online or if you're looking for a way to jump ahead of your opponents once and for all, check out Tony Sanders' guide and see what it can do for your character.

DISCLAIMER: I am an affiliate for DC Universe Online Secrets. I receive a commission for any sales of T Dub's guide through this site.


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