Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Zoo World Friend Tips You Can’t Live Without

Friends in a Facebook game are the single most important tool you will ever have. If you're serious about making as many friends as possible, you will be able to push the limits of what your account can do, both in the speed you can breed, and in the amount of cash you can make. Here are some tips to help you boost your friend count, pick up your speed and hopefully get a whole lot more out of your friends than you thought possible.
Sign Up Your Breeding Helpers
You can start signing up helpers in your breeding anytime, boosting the productivity of your breeding huts. For every four people you sign up, you gain an extra nesting slot. The game starts you out with three of these nesting slots, so if you can double that count, you can breed much faster. Faster breeding means more cash, faster levelling, and far more Wildlife Points – something every good player should aspire for.
Visit them Daily
If you're interested in getting the most out of your friends, make sure to visit them every day and get both the $200 cash reward for the visit and the chance to seek out their hidden treasure. There are hidden treasures on every zoo that has a treasure chest located on the person's picture. Find the treasure chest by visiting kiosks and animals habitats. If you find the chest, you can get anywhere from an additional $100 to $500 cash just from that one person.
Swap Gifts and Trade Animals Regularly
Finally, you will need friends so you can trade them for new gifts and animals that are available throughout the game. This is a big way to get to the end of the game quicker. Trade them for their unlimited animals and ask them for gifts that can help you level up faster and build up a bigger and more popular zoo.
If you take full advantage of everything you can get out of a good friend on Zoo World, you'll be able to build up a very powerful and streamlined method by which you can make a nice big chunk of cash day in and day out. If you don't spend that extra time, things can get a little tougher than you might like and you'll need to spend more time or even real world money to get the cash and coins you need to be successful.

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