Thursday, June 7, 2012

Blood Pressure Prescription Medication – What 3 Things You Should Know to Avoid a Heart Attack

Just taking hypertension drugs to control your high blood pressure is not enough. These pills you take only treat the symptoms. Unfortunately they do not protect your blood vessels.

Here just some of the side effects you can get from being on blood pressure medication:
-impotence (males)
-heart palpitations

The list goes on but I am sure you have the picture.

As I said previously these hypertension drugs treat symptomatically. They do not protect your blood vessels long term.

So let us take a look at three of them and see how they work and provide you with a natural solution.

"Water Pill" The purpose of this drug is to eliminate or minimize the sodium concentration in the blood stream. It causes excess fluid removal through urination. Unfortunately, not only do we lose sodium but we also lose potassium and other valuable minerals we need for day to day function.

A natural solution for you would be to eat more foods like celery that have high water content and drink more water.

Blood vessels have three layers: inner, middle and outer layer. The inner layer is smooth and the middle layer is muscular. Since the middle layer is muscular it can contract and relax causing the blood vessel to be wide or narrow.

"Ace Inhibitors" prevent the contraction or shortening of the muscular layer. This in turn maintains the artery wide open.

There are a couple of natural solutions for this hypertension medication. Breathing exercises cause the blood vessels to relax and remain wide. As well, exercise causes the arteries to widen to allow smooth blood flow.

"Beta Blockers" this drug slows the heart beat down and thus less blood is pumped through out the body.

A natural solution for this would be breathing exercises.

None of the above blood pressure drugs do the following;
1) prevent arterial plaque build up
2) prevent hardening of the artery wall
3) provide antioxidant protection

This is why it is so important for to take a serious look at your lifestyle even if you are on blood pressure medication or looking to avoid taking hypertension medication.

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