Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Choosing the Right Class for Aion

Aion, the newest game on the market for the highly addictive MMO genre has reached the west and with it a slew of new options for people who are just getting into the game. So, for many players, it is a hard road to figure out which character class is going to be best for you. Here is a brief run through of the 4 general classes and 8 more specific options you'll have to choose from when you start playing the game full time:


Warriors are your typical melee class, suited for tanking, melee damage output, and just all around solid bashing. Warriors break down into two classes at Level 10 – Gladiators and Templars. Gladiators are the offensive version of this class, putting up high offensive and low defensive numbers for melee damage output. They are good for PvP combat for that reason. On the other side of things is the Templar who will be the quintessential tank in the game, carrying a shield and taking damage like a pro.


Priests come in two varieties, both of which are meant to heal, but in starkly different ways. At Level 10, you'll be able to choose between Clerics and Chanters. The clerics will be the more traditional healers among the group who deal the best healing numbers. Chanters on the other hand are more of a hybrid that will dole out Mantras for group buffs and heal when needed. They can also fight a bit with their two handed staves.


Mages are damage dealers but come in multiple flavors as well. At level 10, you can choose to become either a Sorcerer or a Spiritmaster. The Sorcerer is more of a traditional nuking Mage with lots of DPS and plenty of mana to draw on. Spiritmasters on the other hand are more like Warlocks in WoW, in that they have spirits they summon to help with DPS and buffing. They rely a lot on DoTs and stackable damage.


Scouts make up the ranged and melee damage dealers who are high on avoidance. At Level 10, you can choose between an Assassin or a Ranger – each of which provides a starkly different set of skills. Assassins are pretty much Rogues in that they hit fast and hard with dual wielded daggers and stealth. Rangers are pretty much Hunters or Scouts in that they hit from range and wear better armor.

When you get started, you will get to choose between the four supra-classes, but after you reach Level 10 and become a Daeva, you will be upgraded and be allowed to choose a more specific class for each, as listed with each one. Ideally, having a clear idea of which classes are out there and how they affect your game play will allow you to have a much faster and more streamlined start to the game.

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