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Everybody's looking for that edge in Diablo 3; that one secret that will take them:

- From struggling on the Skeleton King to crushing Diablo.
- From cobbling together table scraps of gear to scoring an Inferno-proof set.
- From being overwhelmed by swarms to dominating Massacres.
- From scraping by on gold to maxing out both Artisans and buying the best weapons.
- From moving pennies around in the RMAH to raking in hundreds of dollars a day.

You could buy separate guides for Leveling, Gold-Making, Professions and everything else you'll need, but when guides like Conquer D3 offer everything you want all in one package, why would you look anywhere else?

Let's take a look at Conquer D3 and see how it stacks up against the competition.

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When you buy Conquer D3 you get:

An All-in-One Guide for Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Monk, Witch Doctor and Wizard

This includes the top builds for everything from speed leveling to farming, a gearing and stat priority guide, the definitive how-to on each Profession's special skills and a 1-60 leveling walkthrough that tells you what skills to take, where to slot them and how to rune them.

A 1-60 Speed Leveling Guide for Single Player and Co-op

Other guides boast the fastest possible leveling path, but they tell you to play as a certain Profession and with a certain number of people. Conquer D3 has leveling strategies for every way you want to play: Solo speed runs, co-op steamrolling, full-clear farming sessions. Any profession. Complete newbie or seasoned vet.

A Gold-Making Guide with the Best Strategies for Making Cold, Hard Cash

And you don't have to put down hundreds of dollars to make a few pennies here and there. Whether you've just finished New Tristram or you're farming Inferno, Conquer D3 puts gold in your Stash and cash in your hands with Real Money Auction House tips based on low-risk, no-brainer sales methods.

Lifetime Updates - No Fluff, No Filler. Just Solid D3 Info.

I hate to say it, but most strategy guides get their info from official sites, wikis, and databases. In other words, info you could find on your own without spending a dime. And these "massive" guides? They're packed with so much filler you can't tell where the actual strategy begins.

Conquer D3 gives you only the best techniques. And as their expert gamers uncover more secrets, they send them straight to you at no extra cost.

A 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Request a refund within 60 days and you get every penny back immediately. You've got absolutely nothing to lose with this.

The value is there. No question about it. And yes, you may find longer guides, but you'll spend hours combing through them trying to find something that's actually useful. With Conquer D3, everything is useful. Every technique is custom-made and tested by expert gamers that love Diablo 3 just as much as you do.

You'll never need another Diablo guide, guaranteed.

Our Rating for Conquer D3: 9/10

Get your copy of Conquer D3 - The Comprehensive D3 Domination Guide - HERE!


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