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Analysis: Conservatives used tactics of the left in Wisconsin win
By Nick Carey | MADISON, Wisconsin (Reuters) - Activists with the conservative Tea Party movement say they owe a lot to their schooling in left-wing community organizing tactics for the historic Republican victory over the Democrats and their union ...
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Romney: Voters backed conservative values in Wis.
The Associated Press
By PHILIP ELLIOTT, AP – 1 minute ago SAN ANTONIO (AP) — Mitt Romney said Wednesday that conservatives should be emboldened by the failed attempt to recall Wisconsin's Republican governor. He also said the favorable outcome for Republicans could offer ...
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The Associated Press
Analysis: Walker's win in Wisconsin boosts conservatives
By late Tuesday, conservatives were viewing Walker's victory as a green light for Republican-led state legislatures and governments to move forward, and as a boost for Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney. "This means the Republican revolution ...
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Letters: Conservatives value control over compromise
Clearly, conservatives don't care about our country. They just want to take over. Lastly, I ask Goldberg, what about George W. Bush? Conservatives have buried the former president because they are hoping the voters will forget what he did to us during ...
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It's a Conservative Country
Wall Street Journal
By STEPHEN MOORE Here's a hurdle that President Obama may have a tough time clearing in November: The country is more conservative now than it was in 2008 when he was elected, and more so than in 2006 when Democrats won both houses of Congress.
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John Ivison: Conservatives ill-advised to revive stimulus spending if economy ...
National Post
But for the Conservatives to once again dabble with stimulus spending would be the most ill-advised experiment since Alexander Graham Bell tried to breed six nippled Nova Scotia sheep (true story but for another day). Not only are there reasonable ...
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National Post
Mitt Romney: Wisconsin recall victory will 'echo throughout the country'
Washington Post (blog)
(Reuters (left) and Getty) Democrats are embracing conservative austerity measures. "People in what many have considered a blue state… said, 'We've seen a conservative governor, he cut back on the scale of government and has held down taxes and stood ...
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Emboldened by Wisconsin victory, 2000 conservative activists set to gather in ...
ABC News
Scott Walker's victory Tuesday in the state's recall election arrived at an opportune time for Midwestern Republicans, who on Friday will meet 125 miles southeast of the Wisconsin capital for a day-long gathering of more than 2000 conservative ...
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Conservative robocalls defender under investigation for election offences
Ottawa Citizen
A personal cheque written by Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro to Holinshed Research Group, a few weeks before the 2008 federal election. Court documents show Del Mastro is under investigation by Elections Canada for allegedly paying the expense out of ...
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Richard Viguerie: Scott Walker is the Conservative Movement's New Leader
Sacramento Bee
"Conservatives have been hungering for a leader who could and would stand-up to the public sector unions and their liberal allies to rollback the size and growth of government before everything else--job creation, economic development, and the prospect ...
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Romney's Recent Health Policy Decisions Leading Some ...
GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney insists that when it comes to health care, his first priority is the full repeal of the 2010 Affordable Care Act. But some of his actions of the past few days have conservatives scratching their heads. First ...
Kaiser Health News Daily Health...
Conservatives Didn't Lie About Canada First Defence Strategy, Says ...
By David Pugliese
By David Pugliese Defence Watch First it was the details regarding the proposed purchase of the F-35 stealth fighter, including a $10 billion accounting discrepancy in the cost. Then came discrepancies in the cost of the Libyan mission ($50 ...
Ottawa Citizen » Defence Watch

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Encore: How Do Conservatives and Liberals See the World ...
Bill talks with social psychologist Jonathan Haidt about the moral underpinnings of our ...

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