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Potential Romney mates stress conservative cred
Scott Walker a GOP hero after his recall election triumph — a mere mention of his name drew cheers Friday at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Chicago — prominent Republicans seen as possible vice presidential picks took pains to remind ...
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Conservatives rally across US for 'religious freedom'
Washington Post (blog)
Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., and anti-abortion activist Lila Rose rallied conservatives in one of 160 coordinated noontime rallies across the country. Bachmann, a former GOP presidential candidate, emphasized that the fight over the insurance mandate is ...
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Conservatives mass in Chicago, talk US future
Washington Post
8, 2012 - An array of political figures take to the stage in Chicago at a meeting of the Conservative Political Action Committee, or CPAC. On the docket: smaller government, strong national defense and traditional values.
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TWT Poll: Rubio top conservative pick for Romney veep
Washington Times
Marco Rubio emerged as the clear first choice of conservative activists as a running mate for GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney this fall, beating out his nearest rival by a two-to-one margin according to a Washington Times-sponsored poll of more ...
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Washington Times
Conservatives convene, bask in Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's victory
The Republic
Scott Walker's recall-election victory, conservatives convened on the outskirts of President Barack Obama's hometown Friday to tout the Wisconsin experience as a model for the fall while listening to prospective presidential running mates pitch their ...
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Dutch Disease line splits Canada, but NDP still ties with Tories: poll
National Post
A Nanos Research poll has the Conservatives and the NDP running neck and neck federally, with support for Mulcair's party remaining steady. The NDP leader's comments also appear to have split Canada, with support for the party going up in Quebec and BC ...
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National Post
Chris Christie to conservatives: "We're right and they're wrong"
CBS News
Chris Christie won his most thunderous applause at the Conservative Political Action Conference here when he told his audience that "the most powerful thing on our side is this: we're right, and they're wrong." At the same time, the charismatic and ...
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CBS News
Rick Santorum Launches Conservative Group
ABC News (blog)
Rick Santorum announced Friday morning that he will be launching a new group that he will lead to promote conservative issues that were hallmarks of his campaign. The former presidential candidate is starting "Patriot Voices," to make sure the topics ...
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ABC News (blog)
Santorum rallies conservatives to beat Obama
Santorum, a staunch conservative who won 11 states in the hotly contested Republican primary before conceding to frontrunner Mitt Romney, said he aims to have a million people join "Patriot Voices." "Our mission is clear: fight to protect faith family, ...
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NDP edges ahead of Tories
By REUTERS The New Democrats, long in a distant third or fourth place in federal politics, have nosed ahead of the ruling Conservatives in some polls, including one released on Friday. It is still more than three years until the next election, ...
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Emboldened after Wisconsin, conservatives push 'take back the ...
By CNN's Laura Koran
Rosemont, Illinois (CNN) -- Conservative leaders and grassroots activists, emboldened after a major victory in Wisconsin, will gather near Chicago on Friday with one main goal: plot more political wins in the Midwest. Still celebrating Gov.
CNN Political Ticker
Conservatives Rally Downtown, Calling for Repeal of "Obamacare ...
By Kevin Killeen
Receptive crowd applauds effort to bring change in November.
CBS St. Louis
Conservatives Celebrate Heritage, Franklin Center Breitbart Awards ...
By Jim Hoft
Conservative activists, bloggers, and journalists celebrated the first annual Heritage, Franklin Center Breibart Awards dinner in Providence, Rhode Island tonight. (Left to Right) Eric Telford from the Franklin Center, Andrew Marcus, Phil Klein, ...
The Gateway Pundit
When conservatives don't embrace liberty | SENTRY JOURNAL
By John Carey
Yes conservatives are ignoring all these facts and opting to allow the continued control and regulation of their lives through property taxes. They have decided to abandon their conservative principles and embrace bigger government, more ...
Tax-Loving Conservatives by Gary North
Conservatives don't love taxes. They want lower taxes. Right? They want lower taxes and smaller government. I wish that were true. It isn't. Alexander Hamilton was a crusader for higher taxes and a larger national government in the 1790s.

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